Wanda is the nickname of an object that appeared in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is a plastic wand that first appeared in the episode "The Wand". In that episode, Gumball and Darwin find it in a cereal box, but Richard takes it and dubs it "Wanda the Wonderful Wand of Wonder", believing it to be an actual magic wand. In "Halloween", Tina was seen carrying the same wand as part of her costume.


Wanda is a novelty plastic magic wand. It has a pink handle and a yellow star at its tip.


  • Apparently, Anais either has a duplicate of Wanda or the wand itself in her locker at school. It is currently unknown if this is Wanda or another wand.
  • Wanda may be a reference to the Nickeloden show Fairly Odd Parents as one of the main characters in the show is called Wanda and she is a fairy god mother who grants wishes.
  • In the new Cartoon Network game FusionFall Heroes, Gumball's weapon looks exactly like Wanda, but unlike Wanda, it can do real magic.

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