Tobias Wilson is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a student in Miss Simian's class at Elmore Junior High. His first appearance was in "The Third," when he became Darwin's friend for ten dollars. He was given many redesigns in Season 2, including eyebrows, smaller feet, and recolored shoes. Tobias is so multicolored, that both those infected with the Joy Virus, and even Miss Simian mistake him for an infected.



Tobias appears to be a multi-colored fluffy cloud-like humanoid. Most of his body is colored red, but the lower part is orange, and his top hair part is blue. He has a medium sized mouth with blue lips. He wears a headband like the others in his family, and he wears red and white shoes.

In Season 2, like many other characters, such as Darwin and Penny, the shadow that he has on his arms and legs disappear.


Tobias is a show-off. He believes that he is a heavily built jock, but, in reality, he isn't at all. Despite him not having a good, athletic build, he is obsessed with sports, and is always trying to hone his scrawny physique. He also seems to have a big ego. Like Gumball, Tobias has a crush on Penny. However, as shown in one Elmore Stream-It clip, he may have a crush on Idaho's sister as well, despite the fact she is only around three. Because of his inflated ego, Tobias is more confident in his abilities to court Penny than Gumball is. Tobias can also be somewhat of a bully, such as when he was tossing Anais' plush Daisy doll around on the bus, and seemed quite eager to hurt Gumball in "The Knights."

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  • In an early concept poster, Tobias was originally going to have no lips.
  • Unlike most other characters, Tobias only has 3 fingers.
  • He is one of the many child characters in the series that is voiced by an adult, namely Rupert Degas & Hugo Harold-Harrison in Seasons 1 and 2, respectively.
  • Wearing a headband may be a family tradition, as he, his sister, and his mother each wear one regularly. The only member of the family that does not wear one is his father.
  • Tobias may have won The Dumb Race in "The Goons," along with Darwin.
  • In the episode "The Third," it is shown that he can change his colors at will.
  • In the online PC game Spit Ball Wars, Tobias has a completely different design.
  • When changing his colors in the episode "The Third," the sound he makes is similar to the one made by Mario when walking in the Nintendo Entertainment *System (NES) port of the arcade game Donkey Kong.
  • He is named after Tobi Wilson, one of the show's writers.

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