The Watch is the sixteenth episode of season two of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Richard is in the living room with Gumball. He shows Gumball a very old watch. He explains that this watch has been fought over between the Wattersons and the Finklehimer. Richard's dad retrieved the watch after a good old yodeling contest and gave it to Richard when he was young. Now, Richard gives the watch to Gumball who is still stunned by Richard's long explanation. Gumball is on the bus with Darwin. He shows Darwin the watch and says that it's useless as it cannot tell time. In actual fact, the watch using roman numerals to tell time which Gumball doesn't know how to read. Darwin explains that Richard had offered the watch to him before offering it to Gumball. Darwin declined Richard offer, saying its "busted up cowboy junk". Gumball asked Darwin to hold the watch as he needs to tie his shoelaces. Darwin realized he's been tricked as Gumball doesn't wears shoes. Gumball appears behind Darwin's seat saying "He who holds it, owns it". Darwin has no choice but to keep the watch.

Gumball was walking at the school hallway when Darwin rushes up to him. Darwin offers a deal to Gumball that he will keep the watch, if Richard gives them a better gift, Darwin will get to keep that gift. Gumball agrees and both of them shake hands. Darwin asks Gumball to check his hands as Darwin tries to trick him when they were shaking hands. However, Gumball hands are empty and tells Darwin to check his hands instead. Darwin's trick backfired as he still got the watch in his hand. Darwin is frustrated that he still got the watch but becomes more frustrated as Gumball disappears. Gumball reappears at the left side of the hallway, making "magic fingers" before leaving the scene.

Later on, Gumball and Darwin are in their bedroom. Darwin says that he has given the watch to an old man which makes Gumball worried. Gumball tells Darwin that he shouldn't have gave the watch to some random guy but Darwin did it because he thought Gumball was trying to get rid of it. Gumball is worried to tell Richard about losing the watch. Darwin starts to cry as he thought Richard was gonna cry if he knows they lost the watch. Gumball hugs Darwin and they start blaming each other and arguing who should tell Richard about the watch. Suddenly, Richard barges in and hugs them and ask them what are they talking about. Gumball lies and tells Richard that he was talking to Darwin about how much they liked the watch. Richard tell them that he loves them.

Gumball and Darwin goes to Marvin's front yard and begs for the watch. However, Marvin insists that this watch belongs to the Finklehimer. Gumball whispers to Darwin that why must he give the watch to a Finklehimer. Marvin explains that its poletic justice. Gumball says to Marvin that how can he turn down a crying child then tries to cry but in the end, his eyes pops out. Marvin tells them to get off his lawn.

At the school lunchroom, Gumball and Darwin are having lunch. Darwin feels guilty of losing the watch but Gumball explains that they should forget about the watch and ignore about their emotions. Gumball eats a pea but his stomach rejects it and make him spit the pea at Darwin. Darwin asks what was that and Gumball explains that his body doesn't want him to eat due to the guilt and they must get the watch back somehow.

Back at Marvin's front yard again, Marvin tells them that he doesn't want to trade anything for the watch. Gumball walks to the foreground and asks what if he could give Marvin, eternal youth while Darwin echoes "youth". Marvin is interested in the offer but Gumball replies that he doesn't have it. Darwin suggests to get Marvin a girlfriend. Marvin agrees but Gumball says that he needs to make Marvin look more younger to get him a girlfriend.

At dumps cave, Hexagon Lady asks Marvin that how long he been so surprised. Marvin cannot reply as his face is stretched with 4 paper clips to make him smile and look younger. After that, two of the paper clips drop and Marvin gives a smile. Hexagon Lady asks for the check.

At Marvin s front yard, Darwin tells Marvin its not their fault that Marvin was not compatible. Marvin blames them for the back alley face lip that they used on him. Darwin explains that either it was the face lip or a bag over his head. Gumball says that he is sorry but Marvin looks too old for a girlfriend. Marvin tells them to go away but Gumball snatchs his cane. He explain that he's gonna beat himself and accuse Marvin of doing it. Marvin says Gumball must be "lillyliver" to do that. Gumball doesn't know what that means and knock himself with the cane. This makes him delusional and he starts talking gibbish. Gumball says that he forget why he is angry at Marvin The Lumpy Old Woman asks if Gumball was talking to her. Gumball replies that he still talking to Marvin and Darwin offers to walk Gumball home. Gumball explains that he capable of walking home and then goes right and out of scene. Darwin signs as he doesn't have the heart to tell Gumball that he's going the wrong way.

Later, they discover Richard did not care about the watch and was trying to get rid of it. Marvin says they could have the watch back anytime. However, when the Wattersons and the Finklehimer discovers the watch costs 700 dollars, they start chasing each other on electric scooters. Marvin drops the watch during the chase, and both scooters move toward it. Richard fears that the electric scooters will explode when they hit each other. They bail off the scooters right when they are about to hit each other. The scooters, at extremely slow speed, hit each other and stop completely, but do not explode. Darwin then proposes they split the money, but then the electric scooters explode, blowing away the Wattersons and Marvin Finklehimer, then the scene freezes and thus ending the episode.




  • This was Marvin's first major appearance in an episode
  • The two live action men on the Antiques program are Ben Bocquelet and Mic Graves.
  • This was the first new episode to air in 2013.
  • Apparently, Gumball and Darwin don't know how to read Roman Numerals.


  • This was the second time Richard appears without Nicole or Anais. The other was "The Apology".
  • The mask Gumball wore when he was pretending to be the Grim Reaper is the same one from his costume in "Halloween".
  • Dump's Cave reappears in this episode.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The opening scene where Richard explains the history of his watch to Gumball is a homage to a scene where Christopher Walken does something very similar in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction.
  • The license plate on Marvin's mobility scooter reads "OAP 1", OAP being an acronym for Old Age Pensioner. Both the phrase and acronym are often used to describe seniors in retirement in the UK.


  • When Gumball and Darwin ride the scooter down some stairs, they scream with their mouths closed.
  • In the scenes where Gumball, Darwin and the Senior Citizens are on Marvin's front lawn, Marvin's house is green, but in the scenes where Gumball, Darwin and Marvin are at Marvin's front door, Marvin's house is white.
  • When Marvin pushes Richard off his scooter, Richard's foot can be seen but when Darwin and Gumball's scooter hits Marvin's scooter, Richard disappears.
  • When the camera zooms in on Darwin when he pops out of the box, Daisy Flakes is misspelled Dizzy Flakes. In the same scene, Darwin is missing one eyelash on his right eye.

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