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This article is about location. You may be looking for season 3 episode.

The Void is a universe - like place for mistakes.

Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small go inside the void to look for for Molly and easily leave the place with Janice before the portal closes

Things (and people) Sucked Into The Void Edit

Rob, Gumball, Darwin, Mr. Small, 80`s Hair spray, Clippit (Clippy), Darwin (old CGI design), An outline of Nicole`s Head, Molly (and her treehouse), Pluto, CGI animation models, Darwin, Gumball, and Mr. Small`s Hats, Janice, Early Designs, Disco, Jorts, LaserDisk, Yellow Wig (The Mullet)

Trivia Edit

  • LaserDisk makes a cameo as one of the mistakes.
  • The Void`s atmosphere appears as the Static TV screen.
  • Sometimes the mistakes become pixelated for a few seconds and then returns back to normal.
  • If the world folds in on itself, characters can open a portal into the void.
  • If the world folds in on itself, The Void can pull things in, and that part of the world becomes 2D. (only if that mistake is large.)

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