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This article is about the season 3 episode. You may be looking for the scrapped episode.

"The Pizza"
The Pizza Title Card
Season: 3
Broadcast number: 101
Production code: GB325
Airing Information
U.S. air date: November 13, 2014
U.K. air date: April 14, 2015
Written by: Ben Bocquelet
Guillaume Cassuto
Joe Parham
Tobi Wilson
Storyboarded by: Adrian Maganza
Episode Chronology
"The Man"
"The Lie"

"The Pizza" is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 3 episode of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the one hundred and first episode overall.


Frustrated, Larry quits all of his jobs, unraveling the commercial structure of Elmore.


The episode begins with the Wattersons complaining about their day being the worst day ever. Nicole asks Richard to make dinner since she is too angry to make anything, and this causes everyone else to ask each other to make dinner. Richard then gets an idea that they should have "a balanced meal with meat and vegetables" with "tomatoes, and ham served on a bread base for a slow release of energy with melted cheese on top because dairy products are good for growing children's bone structure." He also says "it should minimize dish washing, and be round in shape negating any sharp edges to avoid oral injuries." The others take this as pizza, which makes Richard sad (since he thought he had just created a new kind of food which he was going to call "the circular half-sandwich with stuff on it").

Nicole attempts to order pizza, but she breaks the phone from still being too angry. So Richard instead orders from Fervidus Pizza for them. He then speaks with Larry, and gives him specifications for the pizza (a family sized pizza with one-fifth margherita, one-fifth vegetarian, one-fifth surf, one-fifth turf, and one-fifth mega meat with none of the fifths being cooked in the same oven, but required to be at an identical temperature on delivery). Then Richard also asks for a toy, and gets angry when Larry says they don't do toys (Larry eventually agrees to get a toy). Larry says he'll be there in 45 minutes, but Richard's stomach growl which makes Richard ask for the pizza to be delivered in 15 minutes. Then he is asked for a tip in compensation for the half-hour long call. Being given the choice, Richard readily says no. Then the family starts waiting for their pizza.

The Wattersons get bored while waiting, and Nicole tries to distract them by watching TV. But in the news, a pie chart appears which makes Richard become even hungrier, and this makes Nicole turn it off. Then she gets the idea to tell why they had such a bad day. Nicole tell them that her bad day all started when her car broke down on the way to work. Larry (the repairman), inspects her car, and charges her with 100 dollars to fix a superficial damage. But Nicole gets enraged, and breaks one of the headlights. Larry charges her with 200 to fix the new damage, and Nicole screams and breaks the windows. After being charged with 500, Nicole unintentionally causes her car to break down and collapse. With the total coming to 750, Nicole (even though knowing that Larry is just doing his job) rages at Larry. When Larry asks for a tip, Nicole rages at him again. Then she ends her story, her head was still big from the story she told, and deflates her head back to normal. Despite this, Gumball is still hungry for the pizza,  and starts to digest himself.

Outside, things begin to go wrong. The Doughnut Sheriff's car is on fire while there is an explosion in the distance. The Wattersons, bored and hungry, do not notice this. Eventually Richard gets the family to ask him about his bad day, and he tells them. His bad day started at the burger joint when Larry refused to serve him food because he had ingested 12,000 calories an hour before. Richard says he exercised, but Larry reveals that he just saw him walk out, stare at his watch, then walk back in. Richard leaves, and then suddenly jumps on the counter and drinks lots of shake and eats the condiments. Larry tries to stop him, but in the end he just asks Richard to pay for all he consumed (which Richard does). After being asked for a tip, Richard responds by blowing straw wrappers at Larry's face and running away. After his story, Gumball starts hallucinating and sees Darwin as a sausage. Darwin also starts hallucinating, but he is so hungry he sees Gumball as a handbag instead.

Out of the house, signs of chaos are starting to show (with Tobias running away from the Eggheads on bikes). Gumball decides to tell his parents why he, Darwin and Anais had a bad day. They were in the video store, waiting in line to rent a DVD. But as they waited, they unintentionally spoiled all the plots of the movies the customers in line were planning to see, making them leave. Larry pleads to them to stop ruining his business, but they say that there's no one there. Anais remarks that no one rents DVDs anymore, and after Larry asks why they're there Gumball says he's supporting his favorite store. Larry asks for a tip, and Gumball mistakes this as being offered money. Larry then screams at them after Gumball takes some money from the tip jar. Once again, they declare the day as the worst day ever.

But suddenly Anais realizes that someone else had a worse day then them. After her family insists that they had the worse day than all of each other and get confused to who else could have had a worse day, Anais tells them that Larry's day was far worse than theirs since he's done his jobs without getting any respect from them. When the family doesn't recognize Larry well, she dials Fervidus Pizza. A message of a miserable Larry tells them that he has quit all his jobs, and that he is leaving Elmore. Anais says that the situation is grim since the town doesn't function without Larry. After Gumball draws the curtain and sees exploding cars, burning streets and chaos the family agrees to find Larry and apologize to him.

With their car breaking down (and its parts being stolen by unruly citizens), the family runs through the streets. They encounter Sal Left thumb, and a corrupt Doughnut Sheriff. They try to convince them to stop, but Sal is taken down by the sheriff, and the sheriff reveals that he has not been paid and thus he doesn't care. The family then takes cover from a swarm of locusts and finds a seemingly unconscious Principal Brown. Principal Brown then reveals himself to have been twisted by the chaos, and he with other twisted citizens corner the Wattersons in what they claim is their territory. Mr. Small tells the family that they plan on eating them and apologizes since it's the survival of the fittest.

Reacting to the latter's last remarks, Nicole singlehandedly takes out all of her family's attackers. Afterwards the Watterons cheer in victory and dress up in "apocalyptic" outfits. They soon find a sad Larry. Larry asks them what they're doing there, and why they're dressed like that. Gumball responds "Because it's the apocalypse." The Wattersons tell Larry that society has broken down when he left (even though it was only 20 minutes ago). They say it took that long for them to see how precious he is and they apologize to him by giving him a hundred dollar tip. Larry thanks them (even though Gumball tells him that because of the inflation caused by no business, the tip is almost worthless). After thanking them, he charges them with 9000 dollars for the pizza they ordered. Nicole writes him a roadkill cheque, and Richard pays him with rats. Then the episode ends.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor Characters (Antagonists)Edit


  • This episode shares the same title with the scrapped Season 1 episode "The Pizza."
  • This is Larry's forth major role. The first three were "The DVD" "The Laziest," and "The Refund."
  • It is also his third time working in Fervidus Pizza. The first two were "The Job" and "The Game."
  • This episode reveals more of Larry's jobs. He was also a repairman, the police accountant, and a pest controller.
  • This episode marks the second full-body appearance of a live-action character broadcasting the news. The first was in "The Law."

Continuity Edit

  • This is the second time Laser Video appears. Its first appearance was in "The DVD."
  • This is the fifth time Elmore is devastated. The first was in "The Microwave," the second was in "The Colossus," the third was in "The Job," and the fourth was in "The Finale."
  • This is the second time the people of Elmore turn against the Wattersons. The first was in "The Finale."
  • This is the second time Gumball says he's digesting himself. The first was in "The Picnic."
  • Ironically, both episodes are about survival, food, and both titles start with the letter "P."

Cultural References Edit

  • Darwin, Anais, and Gumball discuss trailers that refer to Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Planet of the Apes.
  • Neck Beard parodies the very last line from the original 1968 movie Planet of the Apes, after Gumball spoils the ending of Planet of the Monkeys.
  • Nicole shaking Leslie and howling is a reference to the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars.
  • Mrs. Wilson clacking two bottles together is a reference to The Warriors.
  • The outfits that the residents of Elmore were wearing is a reference to Mad Max 2.
  • At one point, Gumball's mouth resembles the Predator's mouth.
  • The plague of locusts is one of the ten biblical plagues that were inflicted upon Egypt.

Goofs/Errors Edit

  • When the Eggheads are on the motorcycles chasing Tobias, if you look closely when they laugh, their mouths don't move.

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