"The Outside" is the fourteenth episode of Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the 170th episode overall.


The family goes to visit Richard's dad. Based on his basic living standards and extended absence from Richard's life, they assume Frankie must have done a stretch in the slammer.[1]



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The episode begins with the Wattersons handing over their valuable possessions to a strange figure, which turns out to be Nicole, who plans to hide their valuables from Frankie, Richard's father, before they go to visit him as she views him as a manipulative con artist. As they arrive at Frankie's junkyard, Frankie gives them a warm welcome and invites the family to his overwhelmingly filthy trailer. While Frankie goes out to get some water for his guests, the family begins to sympathize with him due to his living conditions. While discussing Frankie's absence during Richard´s childhood, Anais concludes that he must have been in prison and suggests they invite him to their house and create a familiar prison-like environment.

When Frankie arrives, the Wattersons have already turned their home into a correctional facility with Anais acting as the warden, Nicole as a prison guard and Gumball, Darwin and Richard as inmates. Nicole and Anais give Frankie a rather harsh welcome by forcing him into prison clothes and putting him in a "cell," where he endures some abuse from Gumball and Richard.

The next morning, the family continues to abuse the confused and disturbed Frankie. Upon waking up, its his turn to empty the bucket. When trying to shower, Richard appears and asks Frankie to assist him in bathing. Frankie is given slop for breakfast. He is forced to sit on Richard's lap and loses his appetite quickly. He questions Darwin's behavior, and as a result, Darwin puts a spork through his nose. In the yard, he is crying due to the punishment. Gumball decides to give him some cookies, but then accuses him of possessing contraband. He is put in the shed, which they call the hole. Anais then interviews him to get him out of the hole. Soon, Frankie realizes he can just leave, but the Wattersons stop him before he can get out the door. Thinking they are doing a great job, they decide to electrocute Frankie using the doorknob.

At night, he escapes with Gumball. The others realize their break out and try to track them. Frankie tries to call the police on the Wattersons, but the Doughnut Sheriff decides to go after them due to the striped jumpsuits. The Wattersons track down Frankie and Gumball to a forest and tracks them down with Richard being a hound. After going down to a sewer pipe, Frankie tells the Wattersons he will jump off into a cliff. The Wattersons then explain they thought he was in prison. However, Frankie says he never went to prison. He explains he got sentenced to 3 days in jail for selling parcels of the moon to senior citizens and was running away from it. After being questioned as to why he can not cope with living on the outside, Frankie confesses he was trying to get free rent and food out of them. Richard then says he could have just asked and offered to let him live with them. However, after all the abuse from the Wattersons, he declines, and jumps off the pipe with Gumball.

It is soon revealed that the pipe is not too far from the ground. The Doughnut Sheriff catches him confessing and says he is going to prison. Frankie decides to accept since there is no rent and free food, ending the episode.



Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Darwin has no lines in this episode which he says by himself, He says "Sure!" and "Nah" with the Watterson family but he doesn't say anything by himself.


  • This is Frankie's second appearance and major role. The first was in "The Signature."
  • This is the sixth episode where Darwin is seen wearing pants.
  • The item Darwin hands over to Nicole when she is collecting for prized possessions is a small treasure chest filled with bubbles. This is the same chest his biological parents gave him, first seen in "The Spoiler."
  • Anais wears the same outfit she wore in "The Puppy" and "The Check."
  • A picture of Gumball from "The Kids" can be seen hanging on the wall in Gumball's bedroom.
  • The "Senior CitizenZ" poster from "The Crew" makes an appearance.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • This episode has some similarities to the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment.
  • When Frankie asks what's for breakfast, he brings up the Kellogg's breakfast cereal Froot Loops.
  • Darwin stabbing back and forth over his fin with a fork is a reference to the knife game, also known as Five Finger Fillet (FFF).
  • Richard suspecting that Frankie tunneled his way out and hid the tunnel behind a poster is a reference to Shawshank Redemption.
  • The final scene where Frankie and Gumball are at the end of the sewer and jumps off of it is a direct reference to the sewer dam scene from The Fugitive.


  • When Richard says "This is great!" his whiskers are missing.
  • In the first shot that shows Doughnut Sheriff chasing Frankie and Gumball in his car, his eyebrows are missing.
  • When Nicole says "Stop!" and "Release the hound," her whiskers look like Gumball's.

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