The Move is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the ninetieth overall.


The episode begins with Gumball complaining about the food. When Gumball's holding his plate, Clayton begins to give him a "stink eye". Staring through the bottom of the plate, Gumball notices Clayton giving him the stink eye causing him to also give the stink eye. After attempting to break up the argument, Darwin transforms into "Darkwin". It is revealed that Clayton was only trying to look at a flier.

The next scene shows Tobias flirting with Carmen, which leads to her slapping him in the face with a book. After this, Tobias flirts with Masami causing her to slap him with a book also. He begins to tear up, and Gumball asks him if he's alright. Tobias than tells Gumball a lie that Clayton told him. After, he runs away crying. Shortly after, Gumball and Darwin confront Clayton about his lying habit. Clayton responds arguing that they aren't lies. Gumball and Darwin begin to inform Clayton that he can destroy his career if he keeps on lying.

In the Library, Gumball tells Clayton to let out his lies in a trashcan. After letting out a storm of lies, Gumball has another idea. In an empty classroom, Clayton says that he lies because he thinks that he's boring and uncool. Gumball, Darwin, and Clayton share a hug - with Gumball and Darwin talking about his "good" attitude.

The next scene shows Tobias flirting with Teri. She then throws water at him. After telling Penny that he thinks Teri likes him, she informs him that she just threw water at his face. She then goes to throw water at Tobias (with him having a joyful look), however, instead she pours the water on the floor.

Clayton meets up with the others, and admits to Tobias about the lies. However, he says that he didn't lie about the karate moves. After angered, Clayton uses karate moves on Tobias. Tobias then walks away laughing, then falling on the ground face-first. The guys panic, and they try to find a way to hide him. Going through the school, avoiding the girls. They eventually bump into Carrie and act as Tobias, flirting with her. Carrie slaps an unconcious Tobias with a book. After Carrie is gone, Tobias falls out of a window giving Gumball an idea. Gumball informs Clayton that he needs to get someone who they could frame. Shortly after, Clayton gets Jamie to frame her for knocking out Tobias. After realizing Gumball and Darwin were going to frame Jamie, Clayton notes that they're lying. After this Jamie questions the guys angrily "WHAT? You guys knocked out Tobias and were going to frame me?" When Jamie questions, Tobias wakes up and asks "What? You guys knocked me out and were going to frame Jamie?" Principal Brown then appears, asking "You knocked out one student and were going to frame another?" After knowing that they would get in trouble, Gumball and Darwin try using karate moves to knock out Jamie, Tobias, Principal Brown, and Clayton ending the episode.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • This is Clayton's second major role in an episode.
  • Animation from "The Banana" is reused when Banana Joe walks down the hallway.
  • This is the first episode in which Tobias is dumped by multiple girls.
  • This is the second time Darwin makes an evil face. The first time was in "The Dream".
  • Stock footage from The Photo and/or The Banana is used.
  • This is the first episode to have the same footage from Season 2 according to Banana Joe.


  • Darwin ordering Gumball to hug and kiss Clayton is a reference to "The Prank," where Darwin comforts Gumball with the same actions.
  • Music from The Limit is reused at the end of the episode.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The Seven Pressure Point Heart Exploding Technique is a reference to a move in Kill Bill named the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique" which is itself similar to Dim Mak, also known as the Touch of Death.
  • The scene when Darwin briefly turns into "Darkwin" in order to stop Gumball and Clayton from fighting is a reference to a Super Saiyan from the Dragon Ball Z TV series.
  • The scene where Gumball and Darwin try to make it look as though Tobias is still conscious is a reference to Weekend at Bernie's.
  • The scene where Banana Joe was whistling in class hallways was used in one short point was taken from Season 2.
  • Darwin makes a reference to Mike the Headless Chicken while examining Tobias.

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