the moon
Name the moon
Gender male or female
Species moon
Occupation dancing star
Relatives other moons
The Moon of Elmore has arms, legs, and visible buttocks, as shown in "The End" when the Moon was "mooning" the Sun. Unlike the Sun, the Moon has only appeared as a character five times. He seems to be an annoyance to the Sun, as also shown in "The End." The Moon's first appearance was in "The Debt," when he was playing "I Spy" with Saturn. In the game Splash Master, he is a real moon instead of his cartoon appearance. He also makes an appearance in "The World," where he is again "mooning" Earth and the Sun.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • "The Debt": He is seen playing "I Spy" with Saturn.
  • "The End": He appears during the eclipse, "mooning" the Sun.
  • "The Quest " : He appears (without any facial features) in the sky.
  • "The Genius" : He is on a computer screen window.
  • "The Car": (Mentioned)
  • "The Microwave" He appears in crescent but (without any facial features) in the sky.
  • "The Fight" He appears (without any facial features) in the sky.

Season 2 Edit

  • "The Colossus": He appears in a pictures of Hector's lullaby .
  • "The Job": He appears when Richard turns the Sun into the Moon.
  • "Halloween" He appears when Gumball screams in despair .
  • "Christmas" He appears (without any facial features) in the sky.
  • "The Sidekick": He briefly appears when Gumball resets his imaginary video game.
  • "The World": He appears once again, "mooning" Earth and the Sun.

Season 3 Edit

  • "The Move" : (Mentioned)
  • "The Void": He appears with a wolf in a pictures of janice
  • "The Shell" : He appears in the sky when penny as a wolf .
  • "The Question": He is briefly seen orbiting the Earth.

Season 4 Edit

The Wicked :

The romantic:

The comic:

The night:

The love:

Games Edit

  • Splash Master: He briefly appears when Gumball or Darwin dive from space.
  • journey to the moon : His first major role .
  • Class spirits : He appears in the contour of the board , You win .
  • Gumball Way : He appears (without any facial features) in the sky of many backgrounds.
  • Recipe run : He appears in crescent .

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