"The Money"
Season: 3
Production code: GB336
Airing Information
U.S. air date: July 9, 2015
U.K. air date: September 24, 2015
International premieres: Portugal: April 12, 2015
Bulgaria: May 12, 2015
Poland: May 14, 2015
Australia: April 2015
Netherlands: May 21, 2015
Tanzania: May 7, 2015
Philippines: June 1, 2015
Spain: July 11, 2015
Written by: Ben Bocquelet
Guillaume Cassuto
Mic Graves
Joe Parham
Jess Ransom
Tobi Wilson
Tim Hill
Storyboarded by: Adrian Maganza
Songs Featured
Joyful Burger Jingle

Episode Chronology
"The Triangle"
"The Return"
"The Money" is the 40th and final episode of Season 3 of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the 116th episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

The Wattersons have run out of money and are torn between being broke and selling out.


The episode begins with the Wattersons who are ordering food in the Joyful Burger restaurant. After reducing their order due to Richard's appetite, the family discovers that their credit funds in an offshore bank account but what he really did was throwing the money into the sea. Nicole was so furious that she transforms into a huge muscular beast getting ready to severely scold him but calms down by Richard's "irresistible charm". Realizing that they are now flat broke, the family cries lots of tears which Nicole told them to drink up since this is the only water they'll get. Larry, however offered them a solution to their money trouble, a commercial of a family eating at Joyful Burger and they are the perfect candidates for the role, but Gumball refuses to let the family sell themslves for easy money and convinces them that they will manage themslves in poverty.

At Night, Gumball freaks out at the sight of the empty fridge and Nicole explains that with no money they have nothing. Gumball asked why they listen to him and Anais said that he was right that they should never give up their pride for money. With these setbacks the family gets ready for bed in their now dark home due to their electricity being cut.

The next morning Gumball wakes up outside on the roof and luckily fell on top of the sofa which was being carried away by repo men along with all their stuff while Nicole just stands there hurling hurtful insults at them. She was about to unleash her wrath on the man who came to repossess her car but Richard came back after selling car for 100 dollars since he accidently wrecked the car on the way.

With their home completely devoid of all possessions, Gumball tries to cheer them up by telling them to use what they haven't lost yet, their imaginations. After breaking into song about the joys of imagination, the family decided to use their imagination against Gumball since he was responsible for them refusing to sellout. They tried to reason with him that advertisement can be done in a discreet manner but Gumball reminds them that their credibility is all they have left and they nothing left lose. He was proven wrong when the repo men took what remains of their house, including the grass. Despite losing everything, Gumball lost his colors, literally. They realizes that without money, animation quality is beginning to drop. It also happens to Anais whose mouth began glitching and Darwin looks like he was animation by a little kid. Then the environment began glitching and degrading due to loss of budget for 3D effects. Nicole then declares that their principles are not to worth it and they must sign the contract before Elmore degrades to nothing.

The family are running toward the mall to get to Larry but then they all lost all their color and motion animation. They then take the bus to the mall but the glitching began to infect everything they touch. The bus, the neighborhood, and the even the sound began to degrade and glitch. When they reach the mall, their environment was reduced to a storyboard and when they finally reach Larry, they were further reduced to sticky notes. Once they signed the contract, the world returns to its normal animation quality except for Gumball who still refuses to sellout but family changes his mind when Larry shows him how much Joyful Burger is willing to pay them, and accepts the offer.

The episode ends showing the ad of Joyful Burger with the Wattersons dressed in 80s fashion and enjoying the food and restaurant.


Supporting CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • This is the season finale of Season 3.
    • In production order, however, it is the only the 36th out of the 40th episodes in the season.
  • This episode, along with "The Downer", "The Egg" and "The Triangle" aired in multiple countries before it aired in the US.
    • It aired first in Australia on April 2015.
  • Animation from "The Skull" is reused.
  • This episode breaks the fourth wall with the fact that with no money, there is no buget to produce animation.
  • Montblanc Pictures CO.LTD animated the Japanese Joyful Burger commercial part of the episode, making them the third guest animator in the show.
  • For the American varsion of this episode, after the family leaves Joyful Burger, it cuts directly to a shot of the house. In other countries, it fades into the shot of the house.
  • The dialouge from the Japanese Joyful Burger ad in this episode translates to "Joyful Burger, love! Awsome, eat, eat and eat! Joyful Burger, love!"


  • Darwin can be seen in his outfit from "The Fraud".
  • This is the fifth time The Wattersons' TV gets damaged. The first four were in "The Responsible", "The Authority", "The Dream" and "The Gripes".
  • Gumball mentions how Richard ate his homework again. The first time this was brought up was in "The Sock".
  • This is the third time Richard somehow loses the Wattersons' money. The first time was in "The Treasure" and the second time was "The Gripes".
  • This is the third episode to have a guest animator. The first two were "The Kids" and "The Safety".
  • This is Larry's Fourth major role in an episode. The first three were in "The Refund", "The Job", and "The Pizza".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Nicole getting furious, her eyes glowing green, and gaining massive muscles is a reference to the Hulk.


  • During "Imaginate", when Gumball "imaginates" that he's the Queen of England, his wiskers are missing.
  • Before Nicole imagines her Japanese Joyful Burger commercial, Richard is wearing Joyful Burger clothes. After the commercial, he's back in his normal clothes.

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