The Limit is the thirtieth episode of season two of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the sixty-sixth episode overall.


The Wattersons are shopping at the supermarket. The kids pester Nicole for chocolate, to which she repeatedly denies. She asks Richard to do something, so he offers the kids a chocolate bar, only to be immediately denied by Nicole. Gumball questions the point of shopping if he and his siblings don't get a treat, and subsequently the kids throw tantrums in the middle of the supermarket. Nicole punishes them by sending them to the car. After a brief, miffed conversation in the car, Gumball devises a plan to get candy. He stages a fake campaign in the supermarket, which entails fat guys piling on top of Nicole while Darwin and Anais sneak candy into her groceries. Unfortunately, Richard catches the children in the act, however he agrees to assist them before getting sent to the car.

The family's various ploys to get candy - namely Richard standing up to Nicole like a man; Anais' bargain shopping scheme; a makeover session for Nicole - all backfire, as they keep getting sent back to the car over and over. Meanwhile, Nicole grows more agitated by her family's misbehavior, plus a botched back massage by an unqualified employee.

Back in the car, the kids are about to give up on getting candy, when Richard makes one more attempt. He suggests eating candy in the supermarket without buying it. When Gumball is unable to carry out the action, Richard brazenly demonstrates, when the alarms ring out. The family is then escorted to the supermarket's storage room with a very upset Nicole. Fed up with Richard's poor parenting, she announces that she has reached her "limit," before she transforms into a violent monster.

The family runs away from Nicole all over the supermarket. Nothing seems to be able to stop her rampage, not even Orange Security Guard's taser. Eventually the family is cornered, cowering from Nicole's wrath. As she approaches them, she catches her own reflection when Richard sidesteps, then she realizes what she has done. She apologizes for overreacting, while Richard apologizes for not being a good father, and the kids apologize for not obeying her. The family make up and head for home, but not before the kids receive candy from Orange Security Guard as promised earlier.




  • A part of this episode was shown in a mothers' day advertisement.
  • This is the first time that Richard has been honest about his appearance.
  • Despite Anais being the smartest (and sometimes the most mature) sibling, she acts more childish than usual in this episode.
  • Some fans have negitvee feelings about this episode due Gumball and the rest of the family being out of character and acting like stereotypical spoiled brats, and even dislike the ending due to them not learning their lesson, and this episode is also hated due to Nicole taking on a much darker tone with the seemingly intent of wanting to kill her family.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • This episode has the same title as the Adventure Time episode, "The Limit." *Coincidentally, both episodes aired during their respective shows' second seasons.
  • When calling himself a manchild, Richard refers to himself as a "chubby Peter Pan", a reference to how the character never grows up.
  • The Huggy Bites bear is dressed up like the popular Nintendo character Mario.


  • When Gumball whined about not getting chocolate in the beginning, the two cans of hotdogs are missing from the shelf already. It remains like this until the scene where all three kids begin crying, where the two cans appear for to grab.
  • Right when Nicole slips on the green liquid, her eyes briefly turn back white.