The Lesson is the twenty-eighth episode of season two of The Amazing World of Gumball It is the sixty-fourth episode overall.


The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin studying for their math test, but they get get bored easily so they start playing, distracting them from studying. The next day, they complain about how they should have studied last night while eating pages off of books to "absorb the information". But then they realize that they are eating the pages of the wrong book. Since they only have 10 minutes, so they both decide to cheat by writing facts on Darwin's face. Later, they end up in Principal Brown's office, resulting in a Spring break detention. In the detention room, Gumball and Darwin try to talk to each other in secrecy, but it reveals to them actually saying what they were thinking out loud, leading to the duo getting beaten up by the detention "inmates". Gumball and Darwin then decide they must look older in order to get the respect from the detention inmates by drawing fake facial hair with markers, but it ends up with Gumball getting his face squeezed from Pink Bear after offending him. Bomb Guy demands Pink Bear to stop, Gumball then thanks him and says he owes him one, and Bomb Guy replies, "You're gonna owe me a lot more than that if you want my protection."

Gumball and Darwin are then seen cleaning Brown's room. When Miss Simian closes the door. Gumball and Darwin then open all the cabinets in Brown's desk, and find the school plans which Bomb Guy wants Gumball and Darwin to steal. They then are distracted by Brown's calendar and get caught, resulting them in a trip to the "Correctional Room". which they get bored and want to get out. The detention song then plays, showing the duo stealing a paper clip, spoons, a rake and a rope for Bomb guy. The song ends with chaos in the detention room, causing Brown to burst in there, giving Bomb Guy a chance to escape with the stolen items.

The duo follows Bomb Guy and ask if they can escape with him, which he refuses. While Bomb Guy is inside the vent, Gumball jumps on him, causing the vent floor to fall to the side, revealing they are above Brown's office. Bomb Guy allows them to escape together with him so that Gumball and Darwin can help him up, but they accidentally awaken Brown, who announces on the speakers that there is a detention break. The 3 escapees goes up to the rooftop inside the vent, but finds themselves stuck as the rooftop vent cannot be opened. Gumball then angers Bomb Guy, causing his fuse to go off without him knowing, and they escape down in time for Bomb Guy to go off and explode the vent. His last words are "Well played."

The duo then figure out the rake and the rope were supposed to be used for a grapple hook, but it requires math to be used, and they fail, causing the hook to break one of the windows in the school. Brown then arrives to the roof, and Gumball and Darwin attempt to jump off and land on a vehicle, but misses and fall on the cement. They then laugh at Brown saying that they have escaped. The episode ends with Brown saying "I don't know why they are so happy, they still have to come back here tomorrow."


Minor charactersEdit


  • This episode aired one year after the start of Season 2.
  • This is the first time the school's rooftop is shown.
  • The students seen in detention have never been seen around Elmore Junior High before.

Gumball states that they are in seventh grade despite Miss Simian having been described as a second grade teacher - this is because the schooling systems in the US differ from the UK (in the UK, second grade of secondary school is equivalent to seventh grade in the US).


  • This is the fourth time that Gumball got detention; the first three were "The Mystery," "The Curse," and "The Meddler".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The ending scene, where Gumball and Darwin jump off the roof rather than get caught by Principal Brown, may be a reference to the ending scene of the film Thelma & Louise, where they also jump from a large height rather be captured by authorities.
  • The mathematical theorem that Gumball recites in the beginning is the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Gumball and Darwin act out scenes from several different movies in the beginning.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back: After Darwin fails to answer his question, in Darth Vader's voice, he force chokes him as he says "You have failed me for the last time..."

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