The Kids is the first episode of Season 3 of The Amazing World of Gumball.


The episode begins with Richard washing his face to prepare for the day. Gumball and Darwin walk in, and make fun of him for being fat. Nicole comes in and asks what they said to him. They say it was a trap and start making fun of her for being old. Nicole then leaves angrily. The boys begin to notice how they are not growing up and agree that they will be young forever. Darwin says they will never change, but as he says "change", his voice rapidly begins to change pitch. Gumball asks if he is alright, only to have his voice become so low that the bathroom shakes. Gumball concludes, in an extremely low voice that destroys the bathroom, that their voices are broken.

Gumball then decides to call Penny. Her dad answers the phone, and Gumball asks if he can speak to Penny while his voice is cracking. Penny's dad assumes that Gumball is a prank caller who is trying to freak him out. Mr. Fitzgerald talks in a scary voice and warns Gumball. While he is talking, the left side of the screen enlarges and squishes Gumball's head on the right side of the screen. He hangs up, and decides that he and Darwin should just go to school.

When they go inside the school bus, Darwin asks for tickets in a deep voice. The bus driver then gets mad and they can't go without weapons. Gumball tells the driver that he and Darwin are just kids, but says it in a deep voice, which causes the driver to believe they're not kids. Gumball and Darwin then decide to just walk to school. They then stop by a store and Darwin sees a poster of a half-price sale of double chocolate chip cookies, and wants to buy those cookies.

Darwin then walks in to ask Larry where the double chocolate chip cookies are, and yells, "HEY!" which startles Larry and causes him to get mad. Darwin keeps yelling, and Larry threatens to call the security guard. Gumball asks what's going on, and Darwin tells him that he can't control the volume of his voice. Gumball yells, and the security guard comes, asking him and Darwin to leave. They leave, and Gumball gets angry at his voice, causing him to punch himself until he can only wheeze. A car comes with Penny and her dad in it. Penny asks Gumball what's going on, and Gumball tries to talk to her, but he can only wheeze. Penny's dad then talks to Gumball in a scary voice on how he has a set of skills. Gumball closes the window and shuts the door since he's already heard this from the phone call. Gumball then tells Darwin that they might need to go to a doctor. Since Gumball wheezed and Darwin can't understand him, he punches himself and repeats what Gumball said while wheezing.

Gumball and Darwin then go to the hospital and asks him why their voices are broken. The nurse laughs and says that their voice are breaking, not broken, and tells them they are growing up, and only a small percentage of people in the world never grow up. Shortly after that, Gumball and Darwin are seen walking home, and Darwin asks him what he would do if he knew if his childhood days are over. Gumball says he would lie on the ground and cry, which is exactly what he does. Darwin then slaps Gumball in the face, says no, and that they should make the most of it. Then they sing the rap, "Make The Most of It", and they are shown doing typical kid stuff. After the rap, Gumball and Darwin's voices go extremely low. They then rap in their deep voices. A kid and his mother assume that Gumball and Darwin are short men pretending to be kids. After hearing this, Gumball and Darwin walk in a gray area. Gumball cries, and Darwin says it's over and they're not kids anymore.

They then sing another song in their deep voices. When they triumphantly start singing about the benefits of growing up, the area turns colorful and their voices change so that they sound younger than before. Gumball is confused, and Darwin then realizes that he and Gumball are in the 1% of people on the earth who never grow old. The episode ends with them extremely happy that they're going to be kids forever, but then suddenly realize how boring it would be and lost their enthusiasm.


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  • This episode was confirmed by Ben Bocquelet on November 5, 2013.
  • Originally, the episode was scheduled to be aired on May 27, 2014 in the USA, but Cartoon Network delayed it to June 5, 2014.
  • This is the last episode that Logan Grove and Kwesi Boakye voice Gumball and Darwin, and the first episode Jacob Hopkins and Terrell Ransom, Jr. represent their voices as the two main characters.
  • This is the first episode of the show to be produced and aired first, unlike Season 1 and 2.
  • "Make The Most of It" is currently the longest song to be ever sung on the show.
  • The animation during portions of the "Make The Most of It" song was done by the crcr collective, the same collective that worked on the Cartoon Network 2013 Summer ident.
  • This is the third time in the series Darwin is seen wearing pants. The other instances were in "The Gi," and "The Castle."
  • Gumball and Darwin's "manly warrior voices" were provided by Stefan Ashton Frank.
  • Gumball breaks the fourth wall by saying that he's been 12 forever, referencing how cartoon characters don't usually show age development.
  • Running gag: Gumball kicking objects on the ground.
  • Gumball breaks the fourth wall during his phone call with Mr. Fitzgerald when he is crushed into the corner of the screen as it zooms in.
  • Darwin breaks the fourth wall by saying that "they are the 1% of people who never grow old," implying that they are "people on TV," which was said by the nurse earlier.
  • Despite their voices only beginning to break in-show, Gumball and Darwin's "normal" voices are noticeably lower than in previous episodes. This is due to their voice actors beginning puberty between seasons.
  • As of this episode, the eyes of Gumball, Darwin and the rest of the Watterson Family aside from Richard will no longer revert to being shaped oval with bigger black pupils. Even when not surprised, their eyes will remain perfectly round and the pupils become smaller.


  • The shark-bear-agator from "The Gi" is referenced in the song.
  • This is the fifth time we see Darwin's butt (sixth time if you count the trailer).
  • Cultural ReferencesEdit

Mr. Fitzgerald's threat to Gumball over the phone is a reference to an infamous quote in Taken by Liam Neeson.

  • The Manly Warrior, the bus driver, resembles Gimli of The Lord of the Rings series.


  • During Richard's morning routine, he puts cucumber slices on his eyes, and closes his eyes before applying a facial mask. When he opens his eyes, the cucumber slices disappear.
  • When Gumball and Darwin talk to Richard, his sleeves intermittently change length.
  • During "Make the Most of It," Gumball sings the lyric: "We have all the time that we wanna kill." Darwin's mouth moves, to, but he doesn't actually say anything.
  • During "Make the Most of It," when Gumball sings the lyric "It's okay to be chubby, it's called baby fat; that's how my momma loves me," Nicole "rubs" his head; however her hand does not actually touch him.
  • When Gumball calls Penny, he presses the phone as if there were buttons on it, although there are no buttons on the phone. They are on the phone jack.
  • Gumball and Darwin go to the Elmore hospital, but the interior is an exact copy of the Elmore Junior High clinic.
  • During "Make the Most Of It", when Gumball sings the lyric "When you're still a kid, being sick is cool, Mom gives you hugs, and you don't have to go to school," Nicole kisses him instead of hugging him.

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