Timmy The Internet is a antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. He made his first appearance in the episode "The Internet". He has the ability to control the contents of the Internet along with several other pieces of technology, possibly via "hacking". He is possessed by the jerk spirit to people online with no consequences and is voiced by Rupert Degas.


  • His real name is Timothy (Timmy), as revealed by his mother.
    • Coincidentally, his name was mentioned in "The Boombox", before his debut.
  • He also can manipulate objects outside of the internet, such as traffic lights, telephone poles, and even fire hydrants.
  • His name may be from the Fairly Oddparents episode, "Father Time!" In the episode, Timmy Turner travels back to the 1970s, and Cosmo tells the kid who invented the internet to name it "The Timmy."
  • Timmy's name may be a reference to Tim Bernes Lee, who invented the World Wide Web (often mistakenly called the actual Internet).

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