"The Gripes" is the ninth episode of Season 3 in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the eighty fifth overall.


The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin sleeping when the alarm clock goes off and starts playing a song. Gumball starts dancing, while also complaining that he wants to sleep.

Darwin turns the alarm off. Gumball complains how much he liked the song so Darwin turns it back on, only to hear Gumball complain again. Gumball continues to complain about mundane things throughout the morning, and Darwin futilely resists getting his day ruined.

Richard notices Gumball's behavior and asks Anais what to do. Anais sarcastically says they should buy something for Gumball to complain about more, but Richard simply acquiesces and fails to understand her sarcasm.

Gumball's continued complaining takes its toll on Darwin, and he starts complaining as well. They both decide to go outside.

Gumball and Darwin start voicing their complaints. The people of Elmore (even Mr. Small and Alan) notice their complaints and begin to open charity cases for them, with citizens pitching in by giving Gumball and Darwin various items. Gumball and Darwin attempt to tell the citizens they do not need the items, but their words fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, Anais and Richard look for something to cheer Gumball up at the supermarket. She tries to teach her father the meaning of sacrasm, but he keeps failing at his attempts.

When Gumball and Darwin arrive home, they decide to trash the house by filling it with numerous rats, a skunk, and a cockroach to make it dirty. Suddenly, the crowd of Elmore citizens arrives at their house, and they give them a paycheck. Nicole suddenly arrives on the scene and demands what they've done to the house. Richard and Anais arrive home, and the crowd turns on Richard, but Gumball explains that it's not his fault. The Wattersons then awkwardly enter their house, and Gumball brings the paycheck in too.


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This episode marks Mrs. Fitzgerald's first speaking role.


  • This is the third time Darwin's bare feet are censored, the first and second being "The Meddler" and "The Dream" respectively.
  • This is Mr. Small's third major role in an episode, the first two were "The Painting" and "The Sock."
  • When Darwin bursts out in an extremely bad mood, his facial expression is similar to the one in "The Words" when he started singing "No More Mr. Nice Guy!"

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Darwin getting animals help him while singing is a reference to the Disney movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • The scene where the rats' tails are tied together is a reference to the rat king myth.
  • The piece Voices of Spring, by Annunzio Paulo Mantovani plays while Darwin tries to dirty up the house.


  • The banner used by the people is misspelled "WATERSONS."
  • Gumball's torn sleeve switches arms multiple times throughout the episode. Both sleeves are fixed during part of Gumball's speech at the end.
  • When Neck Beard hugs Gumball, his sweater isn't ripped up.
  • Right after Gumball tips over the lamp, Darwin starts a chain reaction involving the same lamp being tipped over again.
  • The Hexagon Lady is seen in the crowd at the Watterson house, despite being seen at the mall with Richard and Anais.
  • Gumball closes the door at the end of the episode, even though Mr. Small kicked it down.