"The Fuss" is the thirteenth episode of Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the 169th episode overall.


Nicole tries, and fails, to hide her disappointment when Richard and the kids fail to remember her special day. Richard has to figure out what special day he has actually forgotten and then make it a day to remember or else.[1]



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The episode starts with Richard, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais lounging on the sofa, watching television. They then notice Nicole staring at them sternly and try to decipher what she could be angry about, but to no avail. Nicole reveals that "a certain someone forgot a certain something." Gumball is confused, especially once Nicole is led to believe that the gang has planned a surprise for her special day and are playing dumb. However, after a series of potential surprises that turned out to be ill-timed coincidences, she becomes disenchanted in realizing that they truly did forget. The kids decide that they have to make it up to her.

Outside, Nicole is hanging clothes to dry before lamenting on her day through a song. However, it gets cut short when she realizes that the rest of her family was 'setting the scene.' Nicole becomes angry once more, prompting Gumball to ask why they should be making a fuss if she gets angry but they are not. She explains that they should understand that her subtext is different than what she actually means. She then reassures Gumball not to worry about the special day, though her subtext suggests otherwise.

Richard and the kids then frantically prepare a party despite not knowing what it could potentially be celebrating, making deliberately neutral and non-committal choices along the way. Nicole enters, initially excited, though her happiness quickly fades as they go through "The Everything Song" in an attempt to pinpoint the occasion, which they fail to do. The kids realize that Nicole is staring at Richard the entire time and that she is angry at him in particular; after thinking incredibly hard about the next course of action, he concludes that they must simply ask her what the problem is.

Anais confronts Nicole in the kitchen where it is revealed that Richard forgot their wedding anniversary on their calendar: November 1 (11/01). At the same time, Gumball and Darwin tell Richard that he should make it up to Nicole through some overblown gesture so as to remember the date of her special day: October 11 (10/11). Anais realizes that the calendar was, in fact, upside-down, meaning that Nicole got the date wrong. Thus, she was incorrect in making Richard think that he forgot their wedding anniversary. Before she can clarify, though, Richard has rushed off to the tattoo shop to get the date permanently written on his butt.

What ensues are a series of freeze frames: on the left side of the screen is Nicole and the kids rushing in an attempt to stop Richard while the right side features Richard at the tattoo shop deliberating over the tattoo. Nicole and the kids are repeatedly halted by not being able to see what lay in front of them; by the time that they catch up to Richard, however, it is too late. When the kids tell Richard the truth, he is decidedly not too bothered by Nicole's mistake, but noticing her embarrassment, he decides to fix it. With a few touch-ups, the tattoo is changed from saying "10/11" to "Love." Nicole remarks that she loves the new tattoo, ending the episode.



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  • This episode reveals November 1st is Nicole and Richard's wedding anniversary.
  • The fourth wall is broken when Nicole and Gumball notice the subtitles below them as Nicole explains subtext to him.
    • It's broken again when Nicole kicks the split screen bar, causing it to shatter.
  • Richard's tattoo cost him $125.
  • Despite "The Copycats" being the final episode with Jacob Hopkins and Terrell Ransom Jr. as Gumball and Darwin, this episode was aired after that episode.


  • The final part of the piano piece from "The Choices" is heard in its entirety when Richard has his tattoo fixed.
  • "Wrong" is one of two words that Nicole is pathologically unable to say. The other word is "proud," which she could not bring herself to say to Richard in "The Job."

Cultural ReferencesEdit


  • When Anais blows up balloons for the "party", the balloons float despite using her breath and not helium

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