The Extras is the eighth episode of season three of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the eighty-fourth overall.


Gumball and Darwin are in the the cafeteria, commenting on how they are having a slow day and that nothing much is happening, when Green Bear stands up from the table in the background and shouts, "Finally!" He starts singing "Just Notice Us". As the song goes on, all the minor characters join in and sing along. When the song stops, Gumball and Darwin are still scared and are holding each other in fear.

The first clip takes place in a flashback to the episode "The Sweaters", when Gumball and Darwin are having a tennis match against Carlton and Troy, and Darwin is singing "This is boring". The scene cuts to the audience in the back which becomes the main part of the episode. A guy in a green shirt walks up to a blond guy with popcorn and soda. They can't move an inch, so the popcorn spills. The blond guy tries to get his change but he gives up and lets his friend keep it. Once the soda spills the guy in the green shirt goes off to get another one.

The second clip takes places at Elmore Hospital, where a hamburger is a patient, the doctor walks up to him, and he asks the doctor what's wrong with him, and his answer is "well your cholesterol is way too high, I recommend you become a veggie burger", a drum and symbol sound effect is heard in response to this joke, but it actually came from a drum kit who is also a patient, and who is sick and had a cough, the doctor then says to the drum kit "I'll be with you in a minute sir".


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • The episode was originally titled "The People".
  • This episode is very similar to "The World":
    • Gumball and Darwin are minor characters.
    • It is composed of short skits.
    • A song begins and ends the episode.
    • The lengthy skit in 'The Extras' near the end of The Pepperonis' love story, which is shown to soft music and then ends with their kiss which messes up their faces together causing everybody around them to scream in terror and thus comically ruining the heartfelt set up, mirrors the lengthy skit in 'The World' near the end of Anais' heartfelt relationship with her Daisy doll from when she first got her, which is also shown to soft music and ends in a similarly comical way which ruins the heartfelt set up.
  • Gumball only has three lines of dialogue throughout the episode and Darwin only has two lines, one of which is during a flashback to "The Sweaters".
  • Darwin's line in "The Sweaters" is redubbed by Terrell Ransom Jr.


  • This is the first time Green Bear, 8-Bit Dog, Fuzzball, Librarian, Beanie Bird, Construction Men, and the rest of the minor characters that don't approach much have had major roles in the series.
  • This is Gumball and Darwin's second minor role. Their first was "The World".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

The music that The Senior Citizens dance to sounds similar to "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock.


  • Marvin Finklehimer is one of the characters seen in the "Just Notice Us" song, singing that he never got the chance into the spotlight, even though there was an episode with him as a major character.
  • When the crow flies onto the chimney, he is covering more than half of the chimney. After it zooms in, the crow is covering noticeably less.
  • When the view of the car changes, the side mirrors disappear.
  • During the song at the end, The Pepperonis are seen in the front. After it zooms in on the Construction Men, they disappear.
  • During the part where 3D Cube Employee protests about his job, Charlie's tie disappears when he is crying, reappearing as soon as he stops crying.

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