The Dream is the twenty-third episode of season two of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the fifty-ninth episode overall


Gumball is walking through the hallways of Elmore Junior High. A gigantic Ocho walks behind him, he passes Tobias, who melts, and watches a tiny Hector walk past him. Mr. Small is using the payphone, but hangs up using his head instead of the receiver. Gumball then opens his locker and water gushes down at him, and he takes out a pineapple. Richard, with the body of a centaur, gallops in front of him, speaks a garbled language, and gallops away, leaving a trail of rainbow sparkles from his butt. He sees Penny in front of him, and the hallway falls apart to reveal outer space. Penny sings opera, while Gumball dances towards her. The singing and dancing continues, until Gumball finds Darwin with Penny. They dance together while Gumball watches, shocked. Darwin makes an evil grinning face at Gumball, and kisses Penny. Gumball's pineapple explodes, and Gumball screams. He then finds himself in bed, showing that the preceding events were simply a dream. Because of the dream, Gumball is angry at Darwin. He tries to strangle him, but he points out that he hasn't got a neck. Darwin tells Gumball to chill out, since it was just a dream. Gumball knows this, but is still angry. This makes Darwin want to apologise; he doesn't want Gumball to be angry.

In class, Darwin recites a poem showing how sorry he is, but Darwin thinks it is too cheesy. Later, Darwin pops out of his locker and apologises, but this apology is too surprising. Then, Darwin e-mails Gumball a dog singing an apology, but this apology is too weird.

At home, Darwin apologises in an ancient rack with birds pecking at him, but this apology is too medieval. Darwin asks why Gumball can't simply ask Penny who she prefers, but Gumball says he can't let Penny know he 'like' likes her. Darwin agrees, and Gumball thinks of a plan.

Back at school, Gumball brings Penny cupcakes, a "sweet, handsome, faithful, charasmatic, devoted blueberry cupcake", and an "ugly, backstabbing, orange cake THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE GROWN LEGS". Penny chooses orange, and is about to eat it, until Gumball insists she has the blue one. As Penny is about to eat the orange one, he shoves the blueberry cupcake in her mouth, but Penny is allergic to blueberries, and swells up. She asks Gumball to bring her pills from her locker. Inside there are two jars of pills, one blue and one orange. Penny needs the orange pills, making Gumball upset.

Darwin and Gumball are then walking on the sidewalk, explaining she SPECIFICALLY asked for the orange ones, which caused Gumball to start crying because he didn't know the blue ones were thumbtacks. He then tries to strangle Darwin again, but he still has no neck. Darwin decides that Gumball can kiss whoever Darwin loves the most, which is Gumball, so he pulls his own lips off and kisses himself all over his face. Gumball still doesn't feel better, and drops his mouth on the sidewalk.

They then go home, where they have decided they won't talk about "the thing". Anais decides to play a DVD, but upon hearing in the intro "when one man stole another man's girl, it was the ultimate betrayal" Gumball smashes the TV. Anais then asks what's going on, so Darwin tells her, and Gumball is furious again. Anais explains to them they should break down the dream so they can feel better in real life, Darwin and Gumball don't understand her interpretations the first two times, to where it came down to "explainy dream feely good" for them to understand. Gumball is then lying on the couch with Anais with a notepad. She makes notes of what the first part represents, but then it gets more confusing and Anais can't understand and interpret it, causing her to get a "brain cramp" and collapse on the floor. Darwin decides they need a new plan.

The scene changes to Gumball and Darwin are then in their bedroom with tin foil hats with a tunnel connecting them together, so they "reflect their brain waves" and end up in each other's dreams. They drink warm milk and fall asleep. In the dream, not knowing it worked, they open their door to get more tin foil, but as they open it, their door is elevated in a black room, and they jump, but instead they get pulled up, and crash on the hard surface which is the space between their dreams. They hear a noise, and start running in the direction of Gumball's dream. They end up very small, and run out from the couch. A giant Gumball appears behind them, and they grow wings and start flying. Darwin asks why he's trying to smash himself in his own dream, and Gumball says he squashed a fly and never got over the guilt. The dream ends with giant Gumball spraying a can of bug spray on them, and they end back up in the space between their dreams. Darwin then realizes this is his dream where he's naked in public, with his shoes removed and a censor block over his feet. Gumball tells him he's always naked, but then realizes if this is Darwins' naked dream, he's naked too. He's happy they're not in public, which they appear in a grocery store with people laughing at them. Gumball and Darwin then fight over the censor block, when Gumball realizes that it's his dream and he can control it, so Darwin makes the people laughing naked, but they're still laughing. It gets weird so they decide to leave, and they hear a siren go off and realize it's the alarm clock. Gumball controls his sleeping self to turn off the alarm, and then they are in a dream where Darwin and Gumball's been trapped in a car underwater for five days. The windows start to crack, and so they don't run out of oxygen, Gumball turns on the AC, when the water bursts through the car, and they are pushed out the locker from Gumball's dream.

The cosmos appears, but Darwin can't control being pulled back to Penny because Gumball's jealousy is too strong, but he can't control it. Darwin tells him to think of a different ending, and he imagines a brick wall in the way, but Darwin merely crashes through it, and bruised, tells him to think of another ending. Gumball then removes his lips, but Darwin tells him he can still kiss her that way. Gumball can't think of anything else, and Darwin apologizes before he's forced to kiss her. Gumball screams, and at the last minute thinks of another ending, and Darwin opens his eyes, and sees that he turned Penny's face into Sussie's. Darwin wakes up screaming, and Gumball laughs. Darwin wipes off the kiss from his tongue, very upset, before Gumball says "Get over it, dude. It's only a dream." in which Darwin glares at him angrily.




  • This episode aired in the UK before the US.
  • Gumball may be claustrophobic as reflected in a dream in which he is trapped in a car underwater and hyperventilates in panic.
  • It was revealed in this episode that Penny is allergic to blueberries.
  • Gumball and Darwin break the fourth wall by fighting over the censorship panel.
  • This is the first time we've seen Penny have an allergic reaction.
  • Gumball and Darwin were asleep from 3:07 until 3:11, for 4 minutes.
  • Gumball finding a pineapple in his locker and water coming out of it is a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Darwin stole Gumball's nightmare and in it, Penny with Sussie's eyes and mouth sang "Laaaaaaa!" in a low pitched/man voice or low pitched/man opera voice before Darwin screamed.


  • This was the second time Darwin's feet were censored. First was in "The Meddler".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The way that a few seconds in reality counted as five days in the dream world may be a reference to Inception or The Chronicles of Narnia. In these movies, it is explained that time elapsed in dreams is much greater than time elapsed in the waking world.
  • The line where Gumball says "You looked at me like an Evil Sultan," may be a reference to Jafar from Aladdin because of the yellow eyes, but Jafar wasn't a sultan (he did become a sultan for a short time) instead he was the Sultan's Royal Vizier.


  • When Gumball is explaining his dream to Anais there is a red lamp by the side of the sofa, when the camera cuts from Gumball back to the sofa the lamp is gone for a brief moment, only to reappear when Anais collapses.
  • After Gumball and Darwin drink their milk and fall asleep, there is a cup of water behind the alarm clock. When the camera switches to a close-up view of Gumball and Darwin, the cup of water becomes a cup of milk instead. The error corrected itself in the later scenes.
  • Also in the same scene, when Gumball and Darwin falls asleep, both drop their cups which rolled for some distance leaving a trail of milk. However, when the camera switches to a close-up view of Gumball and Darwin, the cups no longer leave a trail of milk, and are now much closer to Gumball and Darwin. The error corrected itself in the later scenes.

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