Troubles BeginEdit

Template:D: Gumball, don't forget to take that DVD back today or we'll get a fine.
Template:D: Can't you do it? You're the one with the car.
Template:D: I wasn't the one who watched Alligators on a Train seventy-two times.
Template:D: Ah! But technically, you rented it with your money.
Template:D: The money I have to go and earn to feed you kids.
Template:D: The kids you decided to have.
Template:D: Template:D Yep! No problem Mom, I'll take it back!
Template:D: Template:D Oh, very kind of you honey. And don't forget to put on some pants. Bye-bye.
Template:D: Template:D Darwin, have you seen that DVD anywhere? I-- Template:D DARWIN! What are you doing?!
Template:D: I'm using the pizza cutter.
Template:D: Template:D That's not the pizza cutter! That's the DVD! Oh, gimme that! Template:D Aw man, you really have to be careful with these things. Template:D The slightest scratch, and they're ruined. Forever.
Template:D: Uh, Gumball...
Template:D: Template:D Ap-ap-ap. I am fed up with your carelessness, Darwin. This disc utilizes laser technology. You have treat it with respect.
Template:D: You're using the wrong side of the scrubby sponge.
Template:D: Template:D Noo! No! What are we gonna do?!
Template:D: Face the consequences of our actions and tell mom?
Template:D: Template:D Don't be silly. I've got a much better idea.

Cardboard SceneEdit

Template:D: There. You can make anything with cardboard and no one will notice the difference.
Template:D: Template:D Really? It looks kind of obvious.
Template:D: Man, you say that, but I lost my trousers three weeks ago, and still no one's noticed. Template:D
Template:D: Everyone's noticed that walk, though.
Template:D: Really?
Template:D: You look like you went to the bathroom in a spacesuit.

Urgent MailEdit

Template:D: Template:D Dude! It's a letter from Laser Video!
Template:D: Template:D Ah, so what? Put it with the others.
Template:D: No, this one's red! It means urgent!
Template:D: Red envelope or red writing?
Template:D: Template:D Red writing on red envelope. It's really hard to read actually. Template:D It says we have to pay twenty-five dollars for the DVD.
Template:D: AH! What are we gonna do?!
Template:D: Face the consequences of our actions and tell mom?
Template:D: No-no-no-no-no. Just give me a little time to think.

On the StreetsEdit

Template:D: It took you two days to think of this?
Template:D: Less complaining, more begging. How much have we got anyway?
Template:D: Template:D Like three dollars?
Template:D: Great. Twenty-two more, and we can pay for the DVD. Now pinch me. We get more when it looks like I'm crying. Template:D
Template:D: The reason you guys are on the streets is to pay a DVD fine?
Template:D: Yeah, I know. It's crazy, right? People don't understand how hard our life is.
Template:D: Hey!
Template:D: Yes!
Template:D: Yay!
Template:D: But...
Template:D: That guy stole our cash!
Template:D: Template:D Well Darwin, sometimes in life you have to realize that there are less fortunate people than ourselves. He needs that money more than we do.
Template:D: Template:D Woo-hoo! I won! I spent your money on a scratch card, and now I'm a millionaire!
Template:D: That's great! So, can we have our four dollars back?
Template:D: Template:D Oh uhh, s-sorry, guys. I-I don't have any, any change. Template:D

Job HuntingEdit

Template:D: You have eight new messages
Template:D: Template:D Hi, Laser Video Here -- Template:D Hello, it's Laser Video, we -- Template:D You need to bring back -- Template:D You need -- Template:D to bring -- Template:D the film -- Template:D back to the shop. Template:D Ha ha, I knew you were trying to skip my messages.
Template:D: Gumball, I think we need to get a job.
Template:D: Template:D Hmm. Can you cook?
Template:D: No.
Template:D: Can you drive?
Template:D: No.
Template:D: Can you speak Chinese?
Template:D: Template:D No.
Template:D: Can you provide inspirational leadership to a core team of thirty people, covering both national or international markets?
Template:D: Mmm, no.
Template:D: Template:D Wait, how about this one? "Looking for a person with no skills or training to serve as a scientific subject for the cosmetics industry."
Template:D: What does that mean?
Template:D: It means they'll put makeup on us and see if it looks nice.
Template:D: Template:D Kind of like modeling?!
Template:D: Yeah.
Template:D: I've always thought I'd make a good model.
Template:D: What makes you think that?
Template:D: High cheekbones.
Template:D: There are bones in there? Template:D Oh, huh. There are.

On the Job (With a Makeup Mishap)Edit

Template:D: Are you boys eighteen?
Template:D: Uh, does it count if I've been both eight and ten?
Template:D: Template:D I suppose so. Now step into the makeup booth.
Template:D: Please relax. Look into the red dot and pout.
Template:D: Template:D Hey, that's not bad! Looking good. Template:D What happened to you?!
Template:D: Template:D I think I'm allergic. Template:D How come you look so good?
Template:D: I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with my... Template:D Perfect skin.
Template:D: I think I'm gonna get this off. Template:D What happened? Why am I looking at the floor?
Template:D: Okay, boys. So how did the tests go? Template:D

Mom Senses TinglingEdit

Template:D: I can't believe she only gave us five bucks. It cost more than that to get home on the bus. Template:D Huh? Oh man! More letters from Laser Video! Oh, we are in so much trouble. We have to hide these before mom gets home.
Template:D: Yes?
Template:D: Honey, are you in trouble? Because my mother senses are tingling. I can smell trouble.
Template:D: Trouble? Template:D No, we're fine. Absolutely fine. No trouble here, bye.
Template:D: Are you lying?
Template:D: Template:D Oh, no, of course not.
Template:D: Right. You're lying. I'm coming home now.
Template:D: Mom's on her way home. Now.
Template:D: Template:D What should we do? Should we tell the truth and face the consequences of our actions?!
Template:D: What is it with you with and tryin' to be honest all the time? No! We need a copy of Alligators on a Train. I know. I'm gonna download it.
Template:D: Template:D Gumball! You wouldn't steal a car! You wouldn't steal a woman's purse! You wouldn't steal a cell phone! Piracy is stealing!
Template:D: I know. I'm... I'm so sorry.
Template:D: Anyway, I got a better idea.
Template:D: Template:D Is it stupid, desperate, and very unlikely to get us out of this mess?
Template:D: Template:D Yes.
Template:D: Is it humiliating?
Template:D: If we get it wrong.
Template:D: Are we likely to get it wrong?
Template:D: Possibly.
Template:D: In the time it's taking me to ask you these questions could you have just told me what it is?
Template:D: Definitely.
Template:D: Should we get on with it then?
Template:D: Yeah, we better.

Chase SceneEdit

Template:D: Template:D I knew it! You are in so much TROUBLE!
Template:D: We need to get to Laser Video before Mom kicks our butt!
Template:D: What did you do this time?!
Template:D: Template:D
Template:D: Stop right there!
Template:D: Quick! Template:D
Template:D: Template:D Where do you think you're going?! Don't you dare run away from your mother!
Template:D and Template:D: Whoa!
Template:D and Template:D: Aah!
Template:D: Template:D Mom, are you okay?
Template:D: Template:D You're in so much trouble.
Template:D: What was that?
Template:D: Template:D You're in so much trouble!
Template:D: Quick!
Template:D: Gumball, we have to help Mom!
Template:D: I don't know, I mean m-maybe she'll be all right? Template:D
Template:D: Template:D Gumball! There's a monstrous creature attacking our mother! We need to face the consequences of our actions and help her out!
Template:D: Yes. I'm-I'm sorry. You're right. Template:D Wait a minute. Why has it gone quiet?
Template:D and Template:D: AAAAAAAAHHHH!
Template:D: Stop right now!
Template:D: AAH!

Sometimes You Just Have To RunEdit

Template:D: Template:D Stop the letters! Stop the letters!
Template:D: Template:D Ah... The Wattersons. It's about time you showed up. I assume you have my money?
Template:D: Better than that, Larry. We got the DVD.
Template:D: I hope you don't mind if I make sure it's real. Last time it was a piece of cardboard.
Template:D: Heh, go for it.
Template:D: Alligators on a Train. Template:D OH NO! There's alligators on this train! Template:D Thank goodness we got all the alligators off this train.
Template:D: Template:D Thank you so much for saving us from all the alligators on this train. Template:D
Template:D: Doo-doo-doo. Alligators off this train. Template:D Alligators off this train. Template:D Alligators on a Train!
Template:D: Template:D This had better be a joke.
Template:D: Aw man, what gave it away?
Template:D: Dude, it's five seconds long and every name in the credits is one of you two.
Template:D: Template:D I told you we should have put some other people on the credits.
Template:D: Template:D What? And let them have all the glory?
Template:D: Well there's no way I can accept this. You need to give me the real DVD now!
Template:D and Template:D: Template:D We can't! We used it to cut a pizza, and then we scratched it with the wrong side of the scrubby sponge, and then we threw it in the waste disposal! Please don't tell our mom!
Template:D: Template:D I already know. Template:D How much is the DVD, Larry?
Template:D: Twenty-five dollars.
Template:D: WHAT?! You made me leave work and chase you through the neighborhood on a dog for twenty-five dollars?!
Template:D: But... But we were scared to tell you.
Template:D: Oh, silly... There's nothing you can do that will ever stop me loving you. Come here. Template:D Now, let me pay for that.
Template:D: See Darwin, you should always tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions.
Template:D: Ow!
Template:D: Come on. Let's go home, you little troublemakers.
Template:D: Template:D Uh, just a minute. There's also the lateness fee.
Template:D: Oh yes, of course. How much is it, please?
Template:D: Let me see. Template:D Three months and three days late. That will be seven-hundred dollars.
Template:D: Template:D You see boys, sometimes in life you really have to face the consequences of your actions. And sometimes you just Template:D RUN!
Template:D: Hey, hey, HEY!

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