"The Crew"
Season: 4
Broadcast number: 119
Airing Information
U.S. air date: TV: August 13, 2015
VOD: August 7, 2015
U.K. air date: October 9, 2015
International premieres: Germany & Bulgaria: October 21, 2015
Spain: October 29, 2015
Australia: November 4, 2015
Turkey: December 9, 2015
Written by: Ben Bocquelet
Louise Coats
Mic Graves
Tim Mills
Joe Parham
Richard Preddy
Jess Ransom
Tobi Wilson
Storyboarded by: Aurelie Charbonnier
Songs Featured
We are the Senior Citizens

Episode Chronology
"The Nemesis"
"The Others"

"The Crew" is the 3rd episode of the Season 4 of The Amazing Movie of Gumball. It is the 119th episode overall.


When Gumball and Darwin decide to join a crew, they are determined to prove their worth to senior citizens.




Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • This episode was released on the Cartoon Network app and Video on Demand before it aired on TV on August 7, 2015.
  • In the U.S. broadcast, the episode fades to black right before the Doughnut Sheriff tasers Marvin. This edit is not present in the digital version of the episode sold on sites like iTunes and


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • "You know who really rules the school? Teachers." 2004 movie Shark Tale.
  • The scene where Darwin becomes magnetized is similar to a scene in the 2005 movie Robots, where the main character gets magnetized.

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