The Castle is the thirty-third episode of season two of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the sixty-ninth episode overall.


One morning, Gumball and Darwin rush their morning routine, believing they are late for school. Soon they discover Anais and Richard relaxing on the couch, and it is Saturday. Anais informs their father is looking after them, which means no rules and doing whatever they want, much to her brothers' joy. Later, they mess around in the grocery store, and their carefree behavior soon attract various Elmore residents.

One by one, Elmore citizens crash the Wattersons' house. The Wattersons realize they have gone too far, and they try to intervene. The problem is, Richard just cannot quite say "No." The kids' attempts at intervention fail again and again. They eventually manage to enter their home disguised as a pizza deliveryman, with Richard hiding in a tall stack of pizza boxes. They crash the party going on in the house, and Richard, after a bit of effort, successfully utters "No!" and commands the citizens to leave. However, he falters when he gets intimidated by them, and the Wattersons are thrown out of their own house. They realize they are missing something, something which has the power to stop chaos inside their home. Right then, Nicole arrives home, and effortlessly orders the citizens to clean up their mess.




  • This is the first time Mrs. Wilson has spoken while onscreen like it is she has as a shadow in "The Party".
  • Darwin breaks the fourth wall by realizing that Gumball's voice has changed, referencing his voice actor's deepening voice.
  • This is the first time Hot Dog Guy speaks.
  • Everyone threw Wattersons out of Wattersons' house.
  • This episode aired in the US on Cartoon Network's 21st anniversary.
  • One of Richard's tweets was about toothpaste on toast, which appeared in this episode. The idea may have been based on his tweet but it is unlikely as it was tweeted in November 2011, a year before season two even premiered.


  • A majority of the Season 1 characters make an appearance in this episode.
  • This is the second time in the entire series we see Darwin wearing pants, first time was in "The Gi".
  • Richard's signature from "The Apology" can be seen on his credit card.
  • The voice that Nicole uses to scare the guests is the same voice Clayton uses for Razor during the former's lying in "The Skull".
  • This is the second time Darwin's voice goes very high pitched (to the point where it cannot be heard) and causes property damage, this was first shown in "The Flakers".
  • The scene where Gumball and Darwin fell down the stairs recycles the same voice clips from "The Dress".
  • This is the second time Anais is barefoot. The first was in "The Goons".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The music that plays when Gumball and Darwin celebrate is "Ode To Joy" from Beethoven's ninth symphony.
  • The music that plays during the Watterson house "party" is similar to "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)" by the Beastie Boys.
  • At the end, Nicole seems to give Harold the penance stare, a power used by popular Marvel Superhero Ghost Rider.
  • Nicole's glowing white eyes refer to Herobrine from the game Minecraft.


  • When Anais and Darwin use Gumball as a ram, Gumball is heard screaming, but his mouth was open.
  • When the Watterson kids disguise themselves as a pizza delivery man, Anais (the one on the bottom) is seen with her white socks and her orange sleeve sticking out of the clothes. She is barefoot in pink pajamas for most of the episode.

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