The Bumpkin is the seventeenth episode of season two of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Richard is driving the kids to school with his Satnav guiding him there destructively. On the trip Gumball discusses the purpose of getting a job and Richard explains it's to earn money to buy things which in turn keeps others in their job. No longer seeing the point in getting an education for a job, Gumball tries to make a break for freedom by launching himself out of school with the help of Hector. Unfortunately the plan doesn't work as Gumball comes back down to the ground and continues to complain about the repetitive nature of life. During a conversation he learns of Idaho's simpler lifestyle which is lacking unnecessary possessions, giving him an idea. Gumball enlists in the help of Idaho to guide him and his family to a better lifestyle. Out in the backyard Gumball is set to try and convert his family to the potato family ways. First off, Idaho and Darwin play Rough and Tumble, an old family tradition in which two family members wrestle with each other. Darwin in a state of panic kicks Idaho over the neighbor's house. After a forced sing-along to cheer things up, a wasp attacks the family and stings Gumball. After sucking the poison out and getting swollen lips, Gumball becomes determined to live in the forest, despite this he gives up quickly and heads back to forge around the neighborhood, saying it's just as good. Back in the backyard Gumball attempts to eat soil like a potato, but his animated body refuses to digest it. Idaho tells Gumball potatoes don't eat soil, they just rub it all over their skin, prompting Gumball to spit the soil back out in relief.

As the night rolls in, the Wattersons now adapting to a simpler lifestyle thank Idaho for helping the family to bond together. With that the family fall asleep underneath the stars. During the night, Gumball goes back into the house to wildly eat junk food and play video games on the couch. Idaho catches him and before he can talk, he has Gumball convince him easily into joining him. The next morning Gumball finds Idaho unconscious on the floor in a state of chemical shock from the junk food surrounding Gumball's unhealthy lifestyle. After a wild drive all over Elmore with help from Richard's Satnav, the family arrive with Idaho at the fields where the potato family work. The potato's burry Idaho into the soil. The Watterson's assuming he's dead sing in memory only for Idaho to pop up from the soil, explaining it was a dirt bath to cure what ails him. With the Watterson's relieved Idaho is okay, the potato family ask if they want to stay in the fields to cure them of their unhealthy lifestyle, prompting the Watterson family to drive off to instead go to Joyful Burger.




  • Richard threw french fries out of the broken window.
  • This was Idaho's first major role in an episode.


  • The music used in the scene where the family is trying to rest is the same track used in "The Robot" and "The Goons".
  • Several locations and characters that haven't been seen since Season 1 appear during the scenes where Richard drives through town. The Elmore Expressway, Chanax Inc., The Sewers, Stomach Destroyer, and the ice rink from "The Gi" are present along with Sal Left Thumb, Charlie, and 3D Cube Employee.
  • Gumball requesting Hector to send him to freedom by launching him into the air with a seesaw may be a tribute to the climax of the Early reel.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The game that was being played on the TV before Gumball pulled the plug was Space Invaders.
  • The GPS in the Watterson's car "Mumu" is a reference to Tomtom.
  • In the scene where Idaho first comes to the Watterson house, Richard presents the fast food meal he bought with a few French words - "poulet" translates to chicken, so "poulet a la deep fried" refers to the chicken nuggets, the "fries of the French" obviously means "French fries", and "Mmm, délicieux." simply means "delicious".


  • The broken part on Richard's tooth changes its location when he switches direction.
  • When Idaho was buried and Gumball sings, one of Nicole's eyebrows goes missing as she blinks in a scene.
  • Gumball's brain was talking.
  • Gumball broke a window with everything.
  • Everyone was singing when Idaho was.

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