"The Box" is the seventeeth episode of Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the 173rd episode overall.


The Wattersons receive an unmarked package in the mail. To distract themselves from the urge to open it they all take turns to imagine what it might contain.[1]



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The episode starts with Gumball noticing a package on their porch. He brings the package inside, asking if anyone ordered it, which everybody claims not to have. Gumball wants to open the box, but Anais stops him, saying opening other people's mail is a crime. Instead, the Wattersons come up with stories on the box's potential contents.

Gumball says that there is a teleportation gun. In a story, he uses the teleportation device to complete certain tasks, such as taking out the garbage, using the restroom without getting off the couch, and being able to move without walking. However, concern arises when a face appears on his nose. Nicole takes Gumball to a doctor, who explains the the device is causing a mutation in his DNA. Gumball, hoping to exploit the situation to get superpowers, attempts to teleport with different animals and objects only to deform and inherit less desirable traits. Darwin suggests that Gumball should get superpowers from animals that don't make him look like "that," and ultimately, Gumball teleports with a cockroach, much to Anais' disgust.

Nicole imagines that the box contains a briefcase full of money. While the family all fantasizes about what to do with the money, Nicole rushes Richard and the kids out of the house and into the car. Anais asks Nicole where she's taking them, after which she points out that the money is likely connected to a hitman, forcing them to go on the run. They try to lay low in a motel, but are ultimately caught by the hitman and pursued. However, Anais realizes that they're being tracked by the hitman through a tagging device in the briefcase, and she throws it off of a cliff. The hitman falls and crashes, then explains how the Wattersons will always be hunted and can never return back to their own lives. Nicole just replies that they are now millionaires. Hunted, fugitive millionaires.

Anais partially sides with Nicole, agreeing that there's something evil in the box. She then imagines that it unleashed the zombie apocalypse, as told in the form of a video log from a clipboard man. Elmore's infrastructure had collapsed and the majority of the population were now zombies. As he is dragged away, presumably to be consumed by zombies, he screams that he wished he knew how the virus broke out. It is then revealed that seven weeks prior, Richard opened up the box to find a biohazard gun. Presuming it to be a squirt gun, he proceeded to spray it on his family.

Richard imagines that the box contains a phone. It rings, causing him to confusedly pick it up, after which the person on the other side says "Lazarus." A flashback reveals that Lazarus is a secret codeword implanted in Richard's mind to allow him to use it to its full potential. He is then given the assignment of saving the president, who is about to be kidnapped. Richard uses his car to block a missile launched from a bazooka, uses his self-destructing phone to eliminate one of the thugs, and defeats the other with martial arts. He rescues the president and is about to kiss him, but Gumball interrupts, complaining that even if Richard's mind was set to its full potential, it wouldn't equate to anything. It then shows that Richard doesn't hang up the self-destructing phone, which subsequently explodes on him, he is still in the car when the missile was fired, and a thug got ahold of the president. Richard attempts to intervene by kissing the thug and hurting the president. Immediately after, though, he realizes he got the order wrong, but is quickly knocked out.

Darwin believes the box could simply be a box. Gumball replies how it would be a huge letdown. Darwin is about to break into song about the box's true potential, but Gumball stops him by grasping the camera as it begins to pan up.

The family ultimately fight over the box and whether or not they should open it, but accidentally throw it out the window. After almost being run over a series of times, the box is ultimately struck by lightning, effectively turning it to ash.

The next day, Mr. Robinson appears at their door, explaining he told the mailman to leave his mail at the Wattersons' if he wasn't home. He asks if they have it, to which they claim not to have seen it. As Mr. Robinson is about to leave, Gumball asks what was in the box. He replies that they don't want to know, but Gumball prods at him before he admits that the package contained butt cream. Gumball says Mr. Robinson was right about him not wanting to know, ending the episode.



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  • Gumball breaks the fourth wall by moving the screen when Darwin is about to imagine what is in the box.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The Wattersons imitate the sound effects of a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise.
    • Gumball calls the weapons "laser swords", a reference to what lightsabers were originally named.
  • Gumball uses a portal gun from the Portal franchise.
  • Nicole's imagining of the box references the film No Country for Old Men.
  • The zombies dragging the Clipboard Man back references the 2007 horror film "REC."
  • Richard's codename, Lazarus, is in reference to the Biblical character of Lazarus of Bethany, who Jesus brings back to life in The Gospel of John. The name is frequently used in science fiction for characters who experience a similar restoration of life (in this case, the restoration of Richard's memory).
  • The president in Richard's imagination resembles former U.S. president George H. W. Bush.
  • When Mr. Robinson explained about the cream that was in the box, he explained the styroms of a skin cancer people get from being out in the sun too long.


  • When Nicole scanned the stack of cash for a tracking device, she left the box in the path of the hit man's car. But she is later seen with the box after the hitman drives off of the dead end.
  • Technically, the events involving evil boxes that Anais mentions aren't actually history. Pandora's Box is a Greek myth, and The Lost Ark is a legend more then anything.
  • At the motel, outside, the closed captions says that Darwin is saying the line. However, Anais says the line.

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