The Boombox is the thirty-fourth episode in the second season of The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the seventieth episode overall.




Minor charactersEdit


  • This is Juke's first major role in an episode.
  • This is the first episode where Juke actually speaks, instead of making beatboxing sounds.
  • This is the first time we see Miss Simian and Principal Brown kiss on-screen.

The person from the "crying....FOREVER!!!" video on Elmore Stream-It was Mic Graves.


This episode is the second time Leslie is seen naked. The first time was in "The Flower".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The "crying... FOREVER" video is similar to a popular .gif of an asian man crying.
  • The "Little Timmy fell down a well" joke is a reference to the 1954 TV show Lassie. It was used before in "The Sock".
  • Gumball's "You found the treasure, and now we can save the town from the evil contractors" line might be a reference to The Goonies.
  • When Gumball tries to sing Juke a lullaby, the last part sounds like "Zelda's Lullaby" from the Legend of Zelda video game series.
  • The Grobbelfight is a reference to the popular novel The Hunger Games, where competitors fight each other with weapons.