The Apology is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of The Amazing World of Gumball.


The episode starts out with Miss Simian teaching upfront. Every time she turns around the children gasp. In disgust, they do whatever they can to block the ugly sight. Everyone's reacting in different ways (Masami barfs rainbows, Tobias's eyes catch on fire, Leslie's petals fall out etc.) and as Gumball and Darwin are shielding their eyes, they decide to write a note to Miss Simian to warn her about her butt, make it into a paper airplane, and throw it at her. But, as she turns around, the paper airplane goes straight into her eyes. Next, they are in the office, as Miss Simian yells about how bad Gumball and Darwin are to Principal Brown. Principal Brown asks why Gumball and Darwin threw the paper airplane at Miss Simian, so they tell Principal Brown to read the message. He does, and then looks at Miss Simian, who is opening the window, and sees her butt. He then tells the boys to leave. Miss Simian, furious that they didn't get into trouble, goes beserk. She then tries to prove Gumball and Darwin are bad kids in several different attempts. First, when Gumball and Darwin show Miss Simian their report card that Richard signed, she assumes that they forged the signature, and they go to Principal Brown's office along with Richard. Miss Simian tells them they forged the signature so Principal Brown tells Richard to sign a paper, which he does, revealing that the signature on the report card was real. Next, Miss Simian puts a $100 bill on the floor to see if they take it, to prove they steal. They see it and get all excited that they're "rich." Then Gumball gets all paranoid and says they gotta split town because everyone will want a piece of their "riches." Darwin tells Gumball "what all that money is doing to him." Gumball then says he's right, crumples up the dollar, and throws it out the window. Miss Simian's next attempt is to prove they fight by telling all the kids they're gonna have a big fight. At recess everyone surrounds them to watch Gumball and Darwin fight. But Gumball gives a powerful speech about how fighting is wrong, and everyone applauses. In her final attempt, Miss Simian tries to frame them by spraying graffiti on the wall of the boys restroom, but accidentally sprays herself while doing it. At the office Miss Simian accuses Gumball and Darwin for spraying the graffti and tells Principal Brown they were stupid enough to spray their own names. Principal Brown, that Miss Simian openly tried to frame Gumball and Darwin, says that she is fired and he'll break up with her if she does it again. Gumball and Darwin see that Principal Brown is sad because of Miss Simian's behavior. So after school, they break in and take the spray paint from the bathroom, but are caught by Miss Simian and then she chases them. Gumball and Darwin try to hide in a locker, but accidentally knock out Miss Simian when they open the door. So they run outside and begin to spray Principal Brown's car while Darwin throws rock at the window to get the attention of Principal Brown but he hits every window except Principal Brown's. They're then caught by Miss Simian, who says they're going to the principal's office again. Gumball says they'll be glad to, but then realizes he and Darwin forgot to spray their names on the car to prove it was them. Miss Simian then realizes that the only reason Gumball and Darwin did this is to save her job and relationship, so she apologizes to them lets them go, and starts to clean up the graffiti. Then Principal Brown peeks out of the window (he was in the car the whole time), sees Miss Simian with the graffiti, and asks her if she cares to explain.


Minor CharactersEdit


  • The actions that the students do are the following: Tobias' eyes catch on fire, Banana Joe throws his eyeballs away, Masami barfs rainbows, William falls unconscious, Leslie's petals fall off, Sarah melts, Bobert shorts out, Sussie drools, disgusted, Idaho explodes, and Tina paralyzes.
  • Gumball breaks the fourth wall when he asks why he has to run every 8 minutes in his life. When he said that, it was 8 minutes into the episode.
  • This episode first aired on Election Day in the United States.
  • Anton has gotten a redesign - he isn't burnt as bad in this episode as he was in all Season 1 episodes.
  • This is Miss Simian's second major appearance; the first was in The Ape.
  • Gumball's suspension would have started on May 11, so it is likely that the episode takes place on or near that date.
  • The music played during Gumball and Darwin's "fight" is similar to the music played in Star Trek during the infamous Spock vs Kirk Battle.
  • This scene of Gumball imagining Tina fighting Bobert is a parody of Godzilla and similar film series.
  • There have been 2 episodes whose titles start with an A, and both of them have Miss Simian as a major character.
  • This episode reveals that Miss Simian's first name is Lucy.
  • Richard's signature is similar to the logo of the metal band Metallica.
  • When Miss Simian looks out at Gumball and Darwin from between a gap in a shelf full of school library books, the authors' names on those books are animation staff members' names.
  • When Gumball and Darwin find the dollar on the floor, they both yell "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!" This is a reference to Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show, who often yell the same thing when they're excited.
  • A flyer advertising Mr. Robinson's performance at the Elmore Senior Talent Show can be seen in the background when Darwin gives Gumball a leg up. Its design is nearly identical to the one in "The Debt".
  • On the chalkboard, Miss Simian is most likely teaching about the sun, referencing the symptoms one may experience if they look directly at the sunlight without protection.
  • When the camera was zoomed in on the $100 bill, it says "CN Series" on its left.
  • Tina is seen clapping her hands in this episode, but in The Mustache, her hands couldn't reach each other to do so.
  • It is revealed Miss Simian and her father may have father-daughter issues.
  • The set in which Miss Simian is speaking to her father is an image of the London Natural History Museum. The statue of Charles Darwin located on its staircase is seen.


When Miss Simian asks for Gumball's report card, a sign in the background claims to list the rules for "Waterson Junior High" instead of "Elmore Junior High". It also spells "Watterson" incorrectly.

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