The Allergy is the sixteenth episode of Season 3 in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the ninety-second overall.


The episode begins with Gumball, Darwin and Anais have a pillow fight. Nicole then comes in their room and tells the boys to hurry up or they'll miss the bus to school. However, once in the school, Darwin starts sneezing and can't stop. As the sneezes grow more powerful Gumball and Darwin consult the school nurse, who confirms that the problem is a simple allergy that can be ignored. However, the sneezes continue to escalate and become more and more destructive. Mr. Small tries to help Darwin using highly questionable "alternative medicine", but to no avail.

Soon, Darwin's sneezes cause so much destruction that he is suspended for being a danger to students and staff. In the car Anais suspects that Darwin is allergic to stupidity, which to Gumball sounds likely because Darwin seems to sneeze whenever someone makes a stupid comment, with the stupid pillow fight in the morning setting it off.

The Wattersons debate what to do, as Darwin's sneezes are still growing worse. They ultimately decide to move into the desert, as there is nothing to destroy there, but Darwin sneezes both Nicole and Richard out of their car, leaving Gumball and Anais alone to take Darwin to the desert. Darwin still sneezes at any stupid comment, sending people and objects flying into the air, destroying a kitten orphanage, and making the journey extremely dangerous.

Once they arrive, Darwin tries to exile himself for the safety of his family and friends, but Gumball tries to stop him. He takes off his belt and straps himself to a tree to try and prove to Darwin that he can handle his sneezes, but without a belt his pants drop. This act of stupidity causes Darwin to make his most powerful sneeze yet... and Anais notices a feather from the pillow fight stuck in Darwin's gills. When she removes the feather, Darwin stops sneezing immediately and comments that he's feeling better, with Anais concluding that Darwin is allergic to feathers and not stupidity. Everything seems fine again until a crow lands on Darwin's head, causing him to sneeze and break the camera (which breaks the fourth wall).


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  • Darwin breaks the fourth wall by sneezing onto the screen, destroying it by the end of the episode.
  • Music from "The Void," "The Fridge," "The Boss," and "The Vacation" are reused.
  • Darwin's feet are uncensored for the second time. The first was from "The Dream ".
  • This marks the second time Banana Joe is covered in Tobias's rainbow colors. The first was "The Storm".
  • Darwin sneezed approximately 37 times in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Darwin is allergic to feathers.


  • The van from "The Puppy" is shown when all the cars, buildings, etc. fall to the ground.
  • This is the sixth time Mr. Robinson's car has been damaged. The other times were in "The Debt," "The End," "The Goons," "The Car," and "The Tag."
  • Gumball's advice for removing worms is a reference to Anais' trick in "The Flakers."


  • When Anais pulls the feather from Darwin's gills, her mouth is colored wrong.
  • This is the first time Anais' front tooth shows up outside of her mouth.
  • This episode states that Darwin is allergic to feathers, although he has been around feathers and birds a lot without reacting to them in past episodes.
  • Despite Anais supposedly going to Elmore Junior High, she does not join Gumball and Darwin in the school bus and remains at home.
  • Gumball removed his belt to take the sneeze and his pants fell off, then when Darwin sneezed, his pants are back on again and didn't even moved while being blown by the sneez.
  • A cow is not in front of Darwin but flew towards Gumballs direction despite of Anais hides behind Darwin to "avoid the blast" but has not been carried away by his sneeze.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Gumball and Nicole's rapid planning sequences parody the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film.
  • While Teri is in the school clinic, she mentions the G-virus, which is a reference to Resident Evil.
  • Gumball tells the Banana Family that they will be blown all the way to the "specific ocean", if they say anything stupid, a possible reference to a famous Yahoo Answer question titled, "How Large is the Specific Ocean?".
  • The cards Gumball and Darwin were using were classic Bicycle cards.