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Sock on a Stick is a short of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Gumball and Darwin prank their dad by annoying him with a smelly sock on stick. On Monday, they digust Richard by carrying a smelly sock on a stick. On Tuesday, Richard clips his nose so he can't smell it, but while his mouth was open they put the sock inside his mouth. On Wednesday, Richard has a mask covering his entire mouth and nose, but Gumball brings a Cheeseburger on a stick and Richard quickly takes off his masks, closes his eyes and opens his mouth. Gumball then quickly changes to a sock and a stick and puts it in Richard's mouth instead. On Thursday, Richard has a stick to dodge Gumball's sock on a stick, but fails. On Friday, Richard is ordering food at a fast food place, he takes his food and pays. Just before he pays, Gumball quickly sticks the smelly sock in his mouth, again. On Saturday, Richard looks really annoyed and angry, when Gumball slowly brings the stick up to him, he grabs the sock and puts it in his own mouth. On Sunday, no one is there because they are busy or they are having fun. On Monday, Richard is watching TV, until Gumball starts to slowly bring the sock on the stick hear him...

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