Sarah is a character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She was first introduced in "The Banana".
Sarah Dolly G. Lato
Name Sarah Dolly G. Lato
Gender Female
Species Lemon Custard Ice Cream
Occupation Elmore Junior High Student (also a Richwood High Student)
Relatives unknown
Introduced In The Banana
Last Appearance unknown
Voiced by Jessica McDonald


Sarah is an anthropomorphic lemon custard ice cream cone. The ice cream portion of her body is yellow, and the flat bottom cone is orange in colouration with brown stripes. She has thin legs and arms the same color as her head.


Major RolesEdit

  • "The Sweaters"
  • "The Fan"
  • "The Comic"


  • "The Banana"
  • "The Apology"
  • "The Skull"
  • "The Bet"
  • "The Dream"
  • "The Sidekick"
  • "The Pony"
  • "The Storm"
  • "The Photo"
  • "The Voice"
  • "The Promise"
  • "The Hero"
  • "The Boombox"
  • "The Tape"
  • "The Finale"
  • "The Coach"
  • "The Joy"
  • "The Recipe"
  • "The Name"
  • "The Fraud"
  • "The Void"
  • "The Move"
  • "The Law"
  • "The Allergy"
  • "The Oracle"
  • "The Butterfly"
  • "The Triangle"
  • "The Return"
  • "The Bus"


  • Sarah appears as the first new student of Miss Simian's class.
  • She seems to be one of the tallest girls in school (excluding Tina).
  • According to character models, she was originally named Dolly.
  • She has her first speaking role in "The Voice".
  • She was once a student at Richwood High.
  • She is named after the show's producer Sarah Fell.
  • Despite being considered a new student in "The Sweaters," she appeared in 14 episodes before it.
  • Her middle initial and surname are a play on "gelato," the Italian word for "ice cream."
  • She is a mangaka, a person who draws manga.
  • She is apparently a cannibal, as she is seen eating a vanilla ice cream cone in "The Fan" and "The Law."
  • She sometimes losing her head .
  • The first time was in "The voice" where a sarah is sad and her head fall offs.
  • The second time was in "The sweaters" where bump into a fence and her head falls offs .
  • The The third time was in "The finale" where She gets knocked and her head falls offs over by Gumball and Darwin .
  • The fourth time was in "The fan" where the sarah n°5 where gumball rams into her ,thus knocking her head off her cone and the sarah n°12 where gumball runs back to push the sarah and her head falls offs.
  • The fifth time was in "The Coach" where jamie head the head of a Sarah with banana joe .
  • The sixth time was in "The Name" where Zach licks a sarah at the bus stop ,Suddenly,Her head falls offs and drops on the floor .
  • The seventh time was in "The Void" where the head of a sarah gets lodged in a doorway that was the remains of the world folding in on itself to hide Molly`s locker.
  • The eighth time was in "The Lac" where the head of a sarah falls off when the Doughnut Sheriff drives on the sidewalk.
  • The ninth time was in "The Allergy" where the had of a sarah smears all over Teri's face at the schoolyard.
  • The tenth time was in "The society"where a sarah gets knocked over and her head falls offs by a bookshelf .


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