Penny Fitzgerald is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a shape-shifting fairy who's boyfriend is Gumball.

She changes according to her emotions, but her main form is a fairy with antlers.


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From Season 1 to Season 3, Penny was an anthropomorphic peanut.

Like the rest of her family, she had a set of antlers that grow out of her head. In Season 3, the episode "The Shell" revealed that Penny underneath her shell is a shape-shifting, fairy-like creature. She can transform into any animal, and every time, the animal has a set of antlers.

Penny does not normally wear much clothing, aside from a pair of orange sneakers with white knee socks and some red and white wristbands. However, she is often seen carrying white pom-poms. Penny is very nice and friendly. She sticks up for her friends often, implying she has a strong sense of integrity.

She also seems to be athletic, as she is an excellent cheerleader, and was/is part of the synchronized swimming club. Also, in "The Dress," she was one of the first people to finish running around the track.


  • She has the most major roles of any character that is not a Watterson, with ten.
  • Early in her development, she had darker antlers.
  • In "The Flower",  it is revealed that Leslie is her cousin.
  • Penny is allergic to blueberries, as revealed in The Dream.
  • In The Shell, it is revealed that she is a fairy.
  • When out of her shell, Penny can transform into any creature depending on her emotions.
  • Penny is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.
  • She is one of the few characters to undergo a permanent change in the show, the other was Rob.
  • She  is currently on the school's cheerleading team (being the most talented of them, though that's not saying much).
  • Although she only can shapeshift depending on her emotions as stated in "The Romantic," she shapeshifts into her wolf form in "The Blame" even though she didn't feel emotional at all.
  • However, she is often seen carrying white pom-poms in season one.

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