Molly Collins is a supporting character from The Amazing World of Gumball.                    

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Molly is a gray sauropod. She's taller than most characters, but not taller than Tina, Mr. Small, and Hector.


Molly is a shy sauropod who is a member of the cheerleading team and, as shown in "The Pressure", the owner of a treehouse where she and the other girls hang out in. She made several appearances in the show's first season, but was absent for the entire second season except for a cameo in "The Words"; no reason given was given for her disappearance until the third season episode "The Void", where Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small realize that all traces of Molly have vanished and nobody else seems to have any memory of her. Investigating further, they eventually open up a portal at the former location of Molly's home and are sucked into a void containing "all the mistakes the world has ever made", where they find and rescue her.

Episode AppearanceEdit

Season 1Edit

  • "The Third": She can be seen in the Schoolyard.
  • "The End": She's in the school corridor during the "wedding."
  • "The Quest": She is on the school bus.
  • "The Pressure": She's hanging out with the Treehouse Girls.
  • "The Ape": She's in class messing around, while Miss Simian thinks.
  • "The Gi": She laughs with the crowd at Gumball
  • "The Kiss": She's cheering at Gumball to help him forget about the kiss from Granny Jojo.
  • "The Party"': She's at the party later it is scold by the sun .
  • "The Mystery": She joins the rest of the class in chasing Gumball all over the school.
  • "The Robot": She can be seen walking with Carmen, Masami, and Carrie in the halls fawning over the "new" Gumball.
  • "The Picnic: She is at the picnic.
  • "The Sock": She is in class.
  • "The Mustache": She is in class.
  • "The Curse": She is in the school cafeteria.
  • "The Meddler": She's in class.
  • "The Helmet": She is in the school gym.
  • "The Fight": She joins the rest of the crowd in watching the fight between Gumball and Tina. Later, she is seen sitting with Carmen, Tobias, and Bobert at the cafeteria when Gumball is surfing on the table.

Season 2Edit

"The Words": She can be seen in the background of one of Tobias' photos.

Season 3Edit

  • "The Joy": She briefly appears in the class photo that's visible in Miss Simian's office.

"The Void": She has her first or only major role, where she is among the world's mistakes who were erased and sucked into the Void, due to her being "boring," and this is revealed to be the reason for her year-long absence since Season 2. She is rescued from the Void, and brought back to the world by Gumball, Darwin and Mr. Small, although, they afterwards lose all memory of the Void, and the fate of the world's mistakes.

The safety:she gets shocked after seeing a video of be careful little teddy.


  • Back in production for the show, Molly was originally to be larger and wider.
  • Molly, Tina, and Mr. Rex are the only dinosaurs on the show so far.
  • Despite being somewhat prominent in the show, she does not have a bio on any Cartoon Network sites, unlike some of the more minor characters that inexplicably have bios.
  • It was revealed on James Lamont's Formspring that Molly's last name is Collins.
  • Molly did not make an official appearance in season two. Although, she appeared for a split second in one of Tobias' photos in "The Words."
  • Her hobby is collecting pencils.
  • Molly sounded different in "The Void" than usual.
    • It is possible she got a new voice actor.

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