Leslie Fitzgerald is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a delicate flower who is in Miss Simian's class at Elmore Junior High. He is Penny's cousin, as revealed in "The Flower."



Leslie is gentle and while he can be hyper and creepy (similar to Banana Joe), he seems to be intelligent and wise. He can also be very effeminate and hangs out around the Treehouse Girls, possibly because Leslie is great at giving relationship advice. He plays the flute in the school band. Many people confuse him for a girl due to his feminine traits. He often says malapropisms (e.g., using "graceful" or "grapefruit" when he meant "grateful," or "condensation" instead of "conversation"). He appears to be a multi-instrumentalist; he is seen playing the violin in "The Sidekick," the saxophone in "The Fridge," and the flute in "The Triangle."


Leslie is a pink flower, similar in appearance to a daisy, who stays grounded in a blue flowerpot. He has a thin green stem coming out of the pot, which he uses to move his head around and two long leaves extend from his stem, which are used as his arms. Green stubby roots pop out under his flowerpot, and he uses them as feet. The inside of his mouth is colored purple, with a red tongue. In Season 2 onwards, he acquires eyebrows, like most other characters who received redesigns in the new season. In the early reel, Leslie's pedals are colored baby-blue instead.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Prototype "Early Reel": He fills up with Masami's tears and sprays pollen at Rocky, rocky then sneezes his pedals off.


Early Prototype

Major RolesEdit


"The Countdown"


  • He is one of two male characters that look and sound feminine, the other being Alan.
  • In fact, the pronunciation used for his name is the feminine pronunciation to emphasize this.
  • It is revealed in "The Flower" that he is Penny's cousin.
  • Leslie plays the flute in the school band.
  • Contrary to this, Leslie was seen playing the saxophone in "The Fridge" and the violin in "The Sidekick."
  • In the European Spanish translation, he is often treated as a girl.
  • According to the episode "The Flower," Leslie does not have his own bedroom.
  • Although Leslie is a boy, in the episode "The Pressure," he was seen in the all girls club.
  • In the Mexican Spanish dub, Leslie is a female. It has since been corrected in season 2.
  • The fact that Leslie is a male character with an effeminate appearance and personality could be a reference to the fact that plants are, technically, both male and female.
  • Coincidentally, Leslie's facial expressions and voice are similar to Him from The Powerpuff Girls, another program from Cartoon Network.


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