Hexagon Lady is a minor character in the amazing world of gumball

Her appearance of how she looks is that she has rainbow dye hair and a diamond necklace in the clasp


The Watch; she is seen on a date with Marvin Finklehimer in dump cave

The Hero; she watches richard dance on the flashback

The Tag; she waits for a bus in a bus stop

The Limit; she gives Nicole a very bad back massage

The Finale her and the crowd cheer for Richard and Patrick Fitzgerald to fight


The Extras; she one of the minor characters singing at Gumball Watterson and Darwin

The Gripes; she gives Gumball and darwin charity

The Mothers; she sprays perfume on jackie's face

The Spoiler; she has the Theatre watching the screaming

The Countdown; Sal left thumb steals her bag before they are frozen

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