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Gumball Kart Racers is a racing game for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS, 3DS, PS Vita, Arcade. Template:Game


Plays like Mario Kart & Modnation Racers

Playable CharactersEdit


  • Gumball (Balanced)
  • Darwin (Balanced)
  • Anias (Speedy)
  • Nicole (Technqiuee)
  • Richard (Power)
  • Mr. Small (Techqiuee)
  • Penny (Techqiuee)
  • Carmen (Speedy)


  • Rocky (Power)
  • Alan (Tricky)
  • Laurence (Techqiuee)
  • Tina (Power)
  • Anton (Speedy)
  • Tobias (Techqiuee)
  • Masami (Tricky)
  • Clayton (Balanced)
  • Jamie (Power)
  • Idaho (Speedy)
  • Banana Joe (Balanced)
  • Ocho (Techquiee)
  • Bobert (Balanced)
  • Carrie (Tricky)
  • Teri (Speedy)
  • Juke (Balanced)
  • Leslie (Techquiee)
  • Willaim (Tricky)


  • Toast Meat
  • Main Menu/Pause
  • Sliver Rivers
  • Race of How to do List
  • Toilet Monster With 4 Legs
  • Cow Chase
  • The Lesson
  • You Gotta Be Big
  • When Life Hands You Lemons
  • Titanic Race in Ice Berg Sank
  • Computer Destruction
  • Treehouse of Horror Death!

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