Frankie Watterson

Frankie Watterson is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He was first mentioned in "The Watch," whom Richard said he gave him the watch, and again in "The Man," where it was revealed that he left his wife and son for an unknown reason 42 years (although it is later stated to be 33 years instead) prior to the series. He makes his first physical appearance and antagonist in "The Signature."


Frankie greatly resembles his son, except that he is a gray rat. He wears a red Hawaiian shirt, a wrinkled black tie, a pair of light purple trousers, a beige trench coat, and an olive-brown hat. He also has a black right eye.


Frankie is a con man and a figurative rat. He scams his own son and his family into giving him the possession of their house. He has no remorse for his actions, until he recalls the day he left Richard and regrets having hurt his family. Even so, his selfishness does not deter Richard from asking him to reunite with his family.

Frankie also shares some traits with Richard, such as being lazy, sneaky, and being incompetent at parenting, but is much worse.


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