Felicity Parham is one of antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. She first appeared in "Christmas" at the hospital. She has a son named Billy and a husband, who was mentioned in "The Extras.".


Season 2Edit

  • "Christmas": She is at the hospital when Richard tries to do his good deeds.
  • "The Bumpkin": She can be seen at a desk when the Wattersons drive their car into the Fitzgeralds' pool.
  • "The Authority": She is seen walking her son after Gumball crosses the street.
  • "The Hero": She is seen watching Richard's dance in the street (flashback).
  • "The Sidekick": She makes a cameo driving a police car.
  • "The Tag": She is seen briefly driving her car when the trash can constantly gets ran over.
  • "The Limit": She is seen in the supermarket with Billy.

Season 3Edit

  • "The Kids": She is seen across the street from Gumball and Darwin with Billy.
  • "The Extras": Her first major role. She is driving in a car with her son Billy. After being easily annoyed, she intentionally crashes her car into her house. Shortly after, she walks out of the debris, and hits her forehead with a spade, "taking a nap."
  • "The Gripes": She unknowingly buckles her groceries in her car, then tosses Billy into the trunk, while stating she always knew Richard was a "bad parent."
  • "The Law": Her second major role. She flips out after Gumball tries to jaywalk the second time, causing her to hijack Larry's ice cream truck, and drive it through the park.
  • "The Mothers": She is in her car at the mall parking lot with Billy.
  • "The Shell": She is in the audience watching of the school play.
  • "The Burden": She is seen with her son in the park, while Darwin talks to "Chris Morris."
  • "The Pizza": She steals parts from the Watterson vehicle.
  • "The Lie": She sings Sluzzle Tag carols with other citizens at the mall.
  • "The Butterfly": She can be seen in the Elmore Wings plane, and, later, she is among the citizens fighting for a $20.00 bill.
  • "The Oracle": She is one the many people at the mall who want to be the 1,000,000th costumer.
  • "The Spoiler": She can be seen in the cinema, watching The Screamening.
  • "The Countdown": She can be seen with Billy, when Gumball attempts parkour.
  • "The Egg": Her third major role.

Trivia Edit

  • She seems to have a psychotic side as well, as seen in "The Law."
  • Her son Billy speaks in a British accent, although she doesn't.
  • She wore blue high-heels in "Christmas," but in the rest of her appearances, she's barefoot.

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