The Eggheads are a duo of beige-colored eggs that made their first appearance on the School Bus in "The Quest".


The Eggheads are a pair of beige eggs. One of them has glasses and braces, while the other is relatively bare; both have buck teeth and a generally nerdy appearance overall.


The Eggheads are the biggest geeks in Elmore Junior High. They speak with English accents and have an obsession with academics. The two of them are relatively friendly, being sociable enough to attempt to chat with Gumball in "The Genius" and later asking him to be their club president in "The Club". Due to their nerdy way of talking and tendency to use sophisticated words, it is likely that most people don't understand what they are saying, causing them to be social rejects.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • "The End": They are seen waiting in line at The Supermarket.
  • "The Genius": Gumball thinks that the Eggheads are smart because they have big heads, so he inflates his head and attempts to chat with them.
  • "The Club": The Eggheads approach Gumball to ask him to be their club president. Upon his refusal, they get angry and plot their vengeance.
  • "The Ape": An egg resembling them was seen in Nicole's flashback; it is likely that this egg became their father.
  • "The Sidekick": Darwin asks one of them if he thinks Darwin's Gumball's sidekick.
  • "The Joy"
  • "The Fraud


  • An egghead is common saying for a person who knows much more than common folk would.
  • A character similar to the eggheads appears in "The Dress", when Gumball is coming up with a name.

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