Donald is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He made his first appearance in "The Debt" at the Elmore senior talent show.


Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • "The Debt": He appears at the senior talent show performing with Marvin, Louie, and the Yellow Old Man.
  • "The End": He is in the long line of shoppers.
  • "The Laziest": He is with the rest of The Senior Citizens talking to Gumball and Darwin about Lazy Larry.
  • "The Kiss": He is with the rest of the senior citizens in Darwin's happy place and then in Gumball's happy place.
  • "The Poltergeist": He can be seen in the cinema in Gaylord's flashback.

Season 2Edit

  • "The Colossus": He is blown away by Hector along with the rest of The Senior Citizens (except Louie).
  • "The Job": He is seen on a news report watching Marvin float in the air along with Louie and Betty
  • "The Watch": Darwin asks him if he can borrow his scooter, which he allows after he fails to get up from his chair to fight them.
  • "The Boombox": He can be seen on Win or Don't Win winning a car.
  • "The Finale": He demands that the Wattersons give back his scooter.

Season 3Edit

  • "The Extras": He is seen dancing with the senior citizens. This is also his first major role.
  • "The Lie": He is seen caroling about Sluzzle Tag along with Marvin, Betty, Felicity Parham, Jackie, and Harold.
  • "The Butterfly": He gets knocked over by Betty, and then knocks over Marvin.

Season 4Edit

"The Crew": His second major role.


His name was confirmed in "The Crew."

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