Clare Cooper is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball.


She is a grey humanoid with green emo-styled hair, as her bangs are styled to cover her left eye. She wears a pink jacket with yellow lines, complete with a white shirt underneath it. She also wears black pants and tan boots.


Clare was shown to be a pessimist due to her family's financial problems and refuses Gumball and Darwin's help. She does not believe that her life will have a happy ending. However, she is also shown to care deeply about those she considers friends, though she sees Wilson as her only true friend. She speaks in a poetic or figurative manner, using metaphors to express her sadness.


Her father had lost his job, forcing their family to return to Detroit. She used the little time she had left in Elmore to say goodbye to Wilson Bilson, Mr. Corneille, and her love interest, Jared. But, she was constantly aggravated by Gumball and Darwin along the way, even though they sort-of meant well. In the end, Gumball and Darwin had saved the day, so Clare still lives in Elmore with her friends and her dad. (They got to stay because Gumball and Darwin got Clare's dad a job at the rainbow factory as a engineer, and got Hector's mom to buy back Clare's house with a pot of leprechaun gold.)


Season 4Edit


  • She is one of the first students outside of Miss Simian's class to have a major role in an episode.
  • Thanks to Gumball and Darwin, she is Prom Queen of Elmore Junior High, and her love interest Jared is Prom King.
  • Clare`s hair design gets randomized every time her head moves. (look closley)

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