The Chimera is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. His first appearance is in "The Friend," where he is created by an elderly toymaker as an imaginary friend, but becomes homeless after his previous owner dies. After the death of his creator, he went on to look for a new friend, breaking into houses and unintentionally scaring people. He explodes after digesting soda and mints, but his body reforms at the end of the episode.


He is a combination of a great white shark's head with black hair, multiple building blocks for a body, a muscular action figure right arm, a left arm with a buzz saw attached to the end of it, a human right leg, a Brontosaur's left leg, and a crocodile's tail. The Chimera also has the ability to remove his parts, and put them back together again.


Despite his scary appearance, the Chimera is actually a meek, socially awkward monster with a heart of gold. His social awkwardness is what makes him such good friends with Anais. The Chimera also has a more bold and courageous side, which was shown when he went as far as threatening to blow himself up when the police try to arrest him.

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