Billy Parham is one of character in The Amazing World of Gumball . He is the son of the Orange Woman , but, despite this, he is a blue, egg-shaped blob. He is often seen with her, as well. He also speaks with a British accent, unlike his mother.


In "The Egg," Billy and his mother were invited to have lunch at the Watterson's house by Nicole. He and Anais appeared to get along very well and even ended up going on an "adventure" through town, while Felicity and Nicole argued. It is shown towards the end of the episode that Billy and Anais had become very close friends and even believed that they had fallen in love with each other, but the friendship was broken upon Billy stating that he doesn't like Daisy the Donkey. Because of this, Billy began to bully Anais. This is apparent in "The Pest," where Anais is very angry at Billy for picking on her. Billy admits to Gumball that he once had feelings for Anais but she did not feel the same way, causing him to hate her, but he learns to accept the rejection after Gumball tells him that he won't always get everything he wants in life.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Major RolesEdit


Trivia Edit

  • "The Authority" reveals that Billy plays football.
  • Almost every single line he says begins with the word "mother."
  • The only time that Billy's line did not start with "mother" was in "The Law," when he was getting ice cream with his mom.
  • An orange version of him appeared in "The Mothers." It is unknown whether or not he is related to Billy.
  • In "The Curse," a purple boy can be heard speaking in the same manner and voice as Billy. He can be seen with his mother on an airplane near the end of the episode.
  • In "The Pest", it is revealed that he is an Elmore Junior High student.

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